Feature #14749


gcc10 build should use -ftoplevel-reorder

Added by Andy Fiddaman 19 days ago.

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Gerrit CR:


As noted in #14422, one way in which the artifacts produced by gcc10 differ from those produced by gcc7 is that gcc10 is not removing unused static functions.
Enabling the optimisation option -ftoplevel-reorder resolves that specific problem (unused static functions are removed) but also has the side-effect of performing constant folding on many static global variables, resulting in the loss of a number of tunables which may or may not be useful; see the list below.

Obviously it also means that top-level functions, variables, and asm statements are no longer output in the same order they are declared, which may break some assumptions - further testing is necessary there.

extern bfe_cards_t bfe_cards1;
extern boolean_t daplka_accounting_enabled;
extern boolean_t dmfe_reclaim_on_done;
extern boolean_t lbolt_cyc_only;
extern boolean_t sctp_do_reclaim;
extern boolean_t tcp_do_reclaim;
extern boolean_t tcp_icmp_source_quench;
extern boolean_t tcp_outbound_squeue_switch;
extern caddr_t dir;
extern caddr_t ftb;
extern caddr_t pid;
extern caddr_t symlink;
extern caddr_t symlink_dir;
extern caddr_t symlink_path;
extern char e1000g_version19;
extern char pchars128;
extern char sata_rev_tag5;
extern char sd_log_buf1024;
extern char svctype_invalid_chars3;
extern clock_t ahci_watchdog_timeout;
extern clock_t au_resid;
extern clock_t daplka_cm_delay;
extern clock_t rfs4_lock_delay;
extern clock_t spt_pcache_wait;
extern clock_t st_wait_cmds_complete;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_B163;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_B233;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_B283;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_B409;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_B571;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_K163;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_K233;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_K283;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_K409;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_K571;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_P192;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_P224;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_P256;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_P384;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_NIST_P521;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_113R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_113R2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_131R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_131R2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_163R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_193R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_193R2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_CHAR2_239K1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_112R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_112R2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_128R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_128R2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_160K1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_160R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_160R2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_192K1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_224K1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_SECG_PRIME_256K1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_WTLS_1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_WTLS_8;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_WTLS_9;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB163V1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB163V2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB163V3;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB176V1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB208W1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB272W1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB304W1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_PNB368W1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB191V1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB191V2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB191V3;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB239V1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB239V2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB239V3;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB359V1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_CHAR2_TNB431R1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_PRIME_192V2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_PRIME_192V3;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_PRIME_239V1;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_PRIME_239V2;
extern const ECCurveParams ecCurve_X9_62_PRIME_239V3;
extern const auth_id_name_t aint2;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName10;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName11;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName12;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName5;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName6;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName7;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName8;
extern const char _AcpiModuleName9;
extern const int IPNET_MINOR_LO;
extern const int IPNET_MINOR_MIN;
extern const int ZONE_SYSCALL_API_VERSION;
extern const int _ctf_nerr;
extern const int _mcamd_nerr;
extern const int _mdb_nerr;
extern const int _nprop;
extern const int mii_reg_size;
extern const int nameln;
extern const int nvme_version_major;
extern const int scsi_probe_strict_s2_size;
extern const int sd_disk_table_size;
extern const int sd_flash_dev_table_size;
extern const ipha_t icmp_ipha;
extern const ldterm_cs_data_t default_cs_data;
extern const nge_desc_attr_t nge_hot_desc;
extern const nge_desc_attr_t nge_sum_desc;
extern const size_t io_pbcksplen;
extern const size_t io_peraselen;
extern const size_t io_promptlen;
extern const struct ecore_blocks_parity_data40;
extern const struct mcp_attn_ctl_regs6;
extern const struct scalar_mul2_consts;
extern const struct ecore_dcbx_app_metadata ecore_dcbx_app_update6;
extern const struct hd_param hd_param_all;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwh_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwh_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwk_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwk_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwn_rateset_11a;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwn_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset iwn_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rt2560_rateset_11a;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rt2560_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rt2560_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rt2860_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rt2860_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rtw_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rum_rateset_11a;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rum_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset rum_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset uath_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset uath_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset ural_rateset_11a;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset ural_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset ural_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset urtw_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset urtw_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset wpi_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset wpi_rateset_11g;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset zyd_rateset_11b;
extern const struct ieee80211_rateset zyd_rateset_11g;
extern const struct igu_data igu_address_e1;
extern const struct igu_data igu_address_e1h;
extern const struct igu_data igu_address_e2;
extern const struct igu_data igu_address_e3;
extern const struct igu_data igu_address_e3b0;
extern const struct in6_addr in6addr_any;
extern const struct prn_timeouts prn_timeouts_default;
extern const struct reg_addr idle_addrs265;
extern const struct reg_addr page_read_regs_e11;
extern const struct reg_addr page_read_regs_e1h1;
extern const struct reg_addr page_read_regs_e21;
extern const struct reg_addr page_read_regs_e31;
extern const struct reg_addr reg_addrs1056;
extern const struct reg_addr split_reg_addrs80;
extern const struct timeval nlm_rpctv_zero;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_t_e1;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_t_e1h;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_t_e2;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_t_e3;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_t_e3b0;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_x_e1;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_x_e1h;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_x_e2;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_x_e3;
extern const struct vfc_general vfc_general_x_e3b0;
extern const struct vfc_read_task vfc_task_t_e2;
extern const struct vfc_read_task vfc_task_t_e3;
extern const struct vfc_read_task vfc_task_t_e3b0;
extern const struct vfc_read_task vfc_task_x_e2;
extern const struct vfc_read_task vfc_task_x_e3;
extern const struct vfc_read_task vfc_task_x_e3b0;
extern const struct vfc_read_write_vector vfc_vectors_t_e21049;
extern const struct vfc_read_write_vector vfc_vectors_t_e31049;
extern const struct vfc_read_write_vector vfc_vectors_t_e3b01049;
extern const struct vfc_read_write_vector vfc_vectors_x_e21049;
extern const struct vfc_read_write_vector vfc_vectors_x_e31049;
extern const struct vfc_read_write_vector vfc_vectors_x_e3b01049;
extern const struct wreg_addr wreg_addrs_e11;
extern const struct wreg_addr wreg_addrs_e1h1;
extern const struct wreg_addr wreg_addrs_e21;
extern const struct wreg_addr wreg_addrs_e31;
extern const struct wreg_addr wreg_addrs_e3b01;
extern const u16 init_ops_offsets174;
extern const u16 init_ops_size;
extern const u32 page_vals_e11;
extern const u32 page_vals_e1h1;
extern const u32 page_vals_e22;
extern const u32 page_vals_e32;
extern const u32 page_write_regs_e11;
extern const u32 page_write_regs_e1h1;
extern const u32 page_write_regs_e21;
extern const u32 page_write_regs_e31;
extern const u32 read_reg_e1_01;
extern const u32 read_reg_e1h_02;
extern const u32 read_reg_e2_02;
extern const u32 read_reg_e3_02;
extern const u32 read_reg_e3b0_02;
extern const u32 timer_scan_regs_e12;
extern const u32 timer_scan_regs_e1h2;
extern const u32 timer_scan_regs_e22;
extern const u32 timer_scan_regs_e32;
extern const u32 timer_scan_regs_e3b02;
extern const u32 timer_status_regs_e12;
extern const u32 timer_status_regs_e1h2;
extern const u32 timer_status_regs_e22;
extern const u32 timer_status_regs_e32;
extern const u32 timer_status_regs_e3b02;
extern const u32_t MAX_GRC_OFFSET;
extern const uint16_t amdzen_nb_ids4;
extern const uint32_t FILENO;
extern const uint32_t t_rc10;
extern const uint64_t all_5;
extern const uint64_t all_a;
extern const uint64_t low_3;
extern const uint64_t mid_4;
extern const uint64_t top_1;
extern const uint8_t tsc_ords_duration12;
extern const unsigned char ansiX962c2onb191v48;
extern const unsigned char ansiX962c2onb191v58;
extern const unsigned char ansiX962c2onb239v48;
extern const unsigned char ansiX962c2onb239v58;
extern dacf_op_t kmod_op_test1;
extern ddi_dma_attr_t qede_dma_attr_cmddesc;
extern ddi_dma_attr_t qede_gen_dma_attr_desc;
extern dnode_phys_t dnode_phys_zero;
extern enum sizecheck sizecheckvar;
extern ether_addr_st etherbroadcastaddr;
extern ether_addr_st etherzeroaddr;
extern gid_t IA_gid;
extern hrrate_t pageout_rate;
extern hrtime_t pageout_cycle_nsec;
extern hrtime_t power_button_abort_interval;
extern hrtime_t power_button_debounce;
extern hrtime_t sbp2_cfgrom_read_delay;
extern hrtime_t txn_cleanup_interval;
extern hrtime_t ufs_dc_disable_duration;
extern ibt_mr_flags_t srpt_dbuf_mr_flags;
extern ibt_wr_ds_t null_sgl;
extern in6_addr_t ipv6_ll_template;
extern int acache4_hashlen;
extern int arn_dwelltime;
extern int asy_trig_level;
extern int async_list_size;
extern int ata_watchdog_usec;
extern int atapi_arq_enable;
extern int atapi_use_static_geometry;
extern int ath_dwelltime;
extern int autofs_nobrowse;
extern int autofs_unmount_thread_timer;
extern int autofs_unmount_threads;
extern int bge_intr_max_loop;
extern int block_mask;
extern int cardbus_autocfg_enabled;
extern int cardbus_command_default;
extern int cardbus_reset_wait;
extern int clnt_clts_do_bindresvport;
extern int clnt_cots_pulls;
extern int clnt_rdma_min_delay;
extern int confirm_retry_sec;
extern int cyc_trace_enabled;
extern int dadk_check_media_time;
extern int dadk_dk_maxphys;
extern int daplka_apm;
extern int daplka_dbg;
extern int daplka_dbgsize;
extern int daplka_failback;
extern int daplka_km_flags;
extern int daplka_query_aft_setaltpath;
extern int dcpc_aframes;
extern int deadman_panic_timers;
extern int debug_level_g;
extern int debug_mask;
extern int detach_with_active_port;
extern int dev_devfsadm_startup;
extern int dev_node_wait_timeout;
extern int devinfo_log_size;
extern int di_max_opens;
extern int di_prop_dyn;
extern int dldebug;
extern int dmu_recv_end_modified_blocks;
extern int dmult_maxcnt;
extern int do_bar0;
extern int dumpbuf_fraction;
extern int dumplog;
extern int ecpp_def_timeout;
extern int ecpp_isr_max_delay;
extern int encoding;
extern int ereport_cols;
extern int fcoe_trace_buf_size;
extern int fcoe_trace_on;
extern int fcp_log_size;
extern int fcp_lun_ready_retry;
extern int fcp_max_bus_config_retries;
extern int fcp_max_target_retries;
extern int fcp_trace;
extern int fcp_watchdog_timeout;
extern int fcsm_max_cmd_retries;
extern int fcsm_max_job_retries;
extern int fcsm_offline_ticker;
extern int fcsm_retry_interval;
extern int fcsm_retry_ticker;
extern int flc_kstat;
extern int fp_cmd_wait_cnt;
extern int fp_log_size;
extern int fp_retry_count;
extern int fp_retry_delay;
extern int fp_trace;
extern int fwlog_level;
extern int gcdb_hash_size;
extern int gcgrp_hash_size;
extern int hashlen;
extern int hsched_coalesce_min;
extern int hsfs_taskq_nthreads;
extern int hsfs_use_dnlc;
extern int ilb_conn_cache_timeout;
extern int ilb_conn_timer_size;
extern int ilb_sticky_timeout;
extern int ilb_sticky_timer_size;
extern int ino_hashlen;
extern int inst_sync_disable;
extern int iommulib_debug;
extern int ipd_nactive_fudge;
extern int iportmap_csync_usec;
extern int iportmap_stable_usec;
extern int is_msi_supported;
extern int kcpc_nullctx_panic;
extern int kmem_zerosized;
extern int lofi_taskq_maxalloc;
extern int lofi_taskq_nthreads;
extern int log_event_debug;
extern int max_keylen;
extern int mdi_async_config_idle_time;
extern int mdi_bus_config_cache_hash_size;
extern int mdi_client_table_size;
extern int mdi_mtc_off;
extern int mdi_path_discovery_boot;
extern int mdi_path_discovery_interval;
extern int mdi_path_discovery_postboot;
extern int mdi_pathmap_hash_size;
extern int mdi_vhcache_flush_daemon_idle_time;
extern int mdi_vhcache_flush_delay;
extern int mptsas_enable_mpi25_flashupdate;
extern int mrsas_debug_tbolt_fw_faults_after_ocr;
extern int nc_high;
extern int nc_low;
extern int nc_med;
extern int ndi_event_debug;
extern int netstack_initialized;
extern int nfs3_do_symlink_cache;
extern int nfs3_dynamic;
extern int nfs3_lookup_neg_cache;
extern int nfs3_max_transfer_size;
extern int nfs3_nra;
extern int nfs3_pathconf_disable_cache;
extern int nfs3_shrinkreaddir;
extern int nfs4_acl_client_consume;
extern int nfs4_acl_client_produce;
extern int nfs4_acl_debug;
extern int nfs4_acl_server_consume;
extern int nfs4_acl_server_produce;
extern int nfs4_do_symlink_cache;
extern int nfs4_lookup_neg_cache;
extern int nfs4_max_mount_retry;
extern int nfs4_nra;
extern int nfs4_num_prognums;
extern int nfs4_pathconf_disable_cache;
extern int nfs4_readdir_cache_hits;
extern int nfs4_readdir_cache_misses;
extern int nfs4_readdir_cache_waits;
extern int nfs4_trigger_thread_timer;
extern int nfs_do_symlink_cache;
extern int nfs_dynamic;
extern int nfs_lookup_neg_cache;
extern int nfs_nra;
extern int nfs_portmon;
extern int nfs_shrinkreaddir;
extern int nfs_write_error_to_cons_only;
extern int nfslog_dispatch_table_arglen;
extern int nfslog_num_bytes_to_write;
extern int nfslog_num_records_to_write;
extern int nlm_prog_3_dtsize;
extern int nlm_prog_4_dtsize;
extern int nostore_key_gen;
extern int nvpbusy;
extern int overrun_msg;
extern int pcihp_cpci_blue_led;
extern int pcihp_cpci_board_type;
extern int pcihp_cpci_led_blink;
extern int pcihp_enum_scan_all;
extern int pcishpc_reset_delay;
extern int phymap_stable_usec;
extern int phymode;
extern int physpeed;
extern int pid_hashlen;
extern int power_button_abort_enable;
extern int power_button_abort_presses;
extern int power_button_enable;
extern int push_drcompat;
extern int ql_flash_sbus_fpga;
extern int ql_ip_mtu;
extern int qmerge1pri;
extern int qmerge2wayscan;
extern int qmerge_max_merge;
extern int rdsv3_allow_intr_msgs;
extern int rdsv3_buffer_dprintf;
extern int rdsv3_msix_pool_cnt;
extern int rdsv3_suppress_dprintf;
extern int recov_err_delay;
extern int rfs3_readdir_unit;
extern int rfs4_deleg_wlp;
extern int rfs4_max_setup_cb_tries;
extern int rfs4_maxlock_tries;
extern int rfs4_reap_interval;
extern int rfs_write_async;
extern int rnode4_hashlen;
extern int rtw_macbangbits_timeout;
extern int sa_legacy_attr_count;
extern int sas_phymap_phy_max_factor;
extern int sata_default_pkt_time;
extern int scsi_watch_io_time;
extern int sd_check_media_time;
extern int sd_failfast_flushctl;
extern int sd_pm_idletime;
extern int sd_qfull_throttle_timeout;
extern int sd_reset_throttle_timeout;
extern int sd_taskq_maxalloc;
extern int sd_taskq_minalloc;
extern int sd_wait_cmds_complete;
extern int sdt_verbose;
extern int send_batch_count;
extern int seq_contig_requests;
extern int serializer_credit;
extern int si_watchdog_timeout;
extern int skip_non_hw;
extern int skip_pseudo;
extern int st_allow_large_xfer;
extern int st_check_media_time;
extern int st_io_time;
extern int st_long_space_time_x;
extern int st_long_timeout_x;
extern int st_max_contig_mem_num;
extern int st_max_throttle;
extern int st_report_soft_errors_on_close;
extern int st_retry_count;
extern int st_selection_retry_count;
extern int st_space_time;
extern int stealcow;
extern int store_debug;
extern int strict_iso9660_ordering;
extern int swap_nopage;
extern int sync_retries;
extern int tcp_max_init_cwnd;
extern int tcp_tx_pull_len;
extern int tgtmap_csync_usec;
extern int tgtmap_stable_usec;
extern int tmp_nopage;
extern int ufs_clean_root;
extern int ufs_directio_zero_len;
extern int usbecm_tx_max;
extern int usbprn_max_xfer_size;
extern int vhci_bus_config_debug;
extern int vhci_path_quiesce_timeout;
extern int vhci_uscsi_delay;
extern int vhci_uscsi_retry_count;
extern int x86_error_init_tbl_len;
extern int xattr_lookup_neg_cache;
extern int xbuf_attr_tq_maxalloc;
extern int xbuf_attr_tq_minalloc;
extern int zfs_arc_min_prefetch_ms;
extern int zfs_arc_min_prescient_prefetch_ms;
extern int zfs_vdev_mirror_non_rotating_inc;
extern int zfs_vdev_mirror_non_rotating_seek_inc;
extern int zfs_vdev_mirror_rotating_inc;
extern int zfs_vdev_mirror_rotating_seek_inc;
extern int zfs_vdev_mirror_rotating_seek_offset;
extern intptr_t qmerge_sync2async;
extern kcondvar_t refreshq_cv;
extern kmutex_t e_pm_power_lock;
extern kmutex_t refreshq_lock;
extern kmutex_t rfs_async_write_lock;
extern kthread_id_t nvpflush_thread;
extern list_t refreshq_queue;
extern long nacache;
extern long phy_lock_timeout;
extern long rom_lock_timeout;
extern long rom_max_timeout;
extern long vmem_update_interval;
extern metaslab_ops_t metaslab_cf_ops;
extern metaslab_ops_t metaslab_ndf_ops;
extern minor_t crypto_minor_chunk;
extern pgcnt_t looppages;
extern pgcnt_t maxslowscan;
extern pri_t streams_lopri;
extern raidz_impl_kstat_t raidz_impl_kstats6;
extern size_t combined_node_name_table_size;
extern size_t device_node_name_table_size;
extern size_t dumpbuf_limit;
extern size_t ia_node_name_table_size;
extern size_t if_node_name_table_size;
extern size_t ilb_conn_hash_size;
extern size_t ilb_nat_src_hash_size;
extern size_t ilb_rule_hash_size;
extern size_t ilb_sticky_hash_size;
extern size_t space_hash_nchains;
extern struct ath_mac_bb_names6;
extern struct ath_rf_names5;
extern struct AcpiOSIFeature_s AcpiOSIFeatures2;
extern struct cardbus_name_entry cardbus_class_lookup42;
extern struct cln_bit_position st_cln_bit_position3;
extern struct el entity_list68;
extern struct japan_bandcheck j_bandcheck4;
extern struct mch_error_code fat_fbd_error_code4;
extern struct mch_error_code fat_fsb_error_code3;
extern struct mch_error_code fat_rp_5400_error_code1;
extern struct mch_error_code fat_rp_error_code1;
extern struct mch_error_code fat_thr_error_code2;
extern struct mch_error_code nf_fsb_error_code3;
extern struct mch_error_code nf_thr_error_code3;
extern struct mch_error_code rp_pex_5400_error_code2;
extern struct mch_error_code rp_pex_error_code2;
extern struct nfslog_prog_disp nfslog_dispatch_table2;
extern time_t svc_rpc_gss_active_delta;
extern time_t svc_rpc_gss_inactive_delta;
extern time_t svc_rpcgss_gid_timeout;
extern time_t sweep_interval;
extern timeout_id_t flush_tid;
extern timeout_id_t nvpflush_id;
extern timeout_id_t rnd_timeout_id;
extern trie daddr6_trie;
extern trie daddr_trie;
extern trie dport_trie;
extern trie saddr6_trie;
extern trie saddr_trie;
extern trie sport_trie;
extern u32 t5_pcie_cdbg_array2[4];
extern u32 t5_pcie_config_array14[2];
extern u32 t5_pcie_pdbg_array3[4];
extern u32 t5_pm_rx_array2[4];
extern u32 t5_pm_tx_array2[4];
extern u32 t5_sge_dbg_index_array9[4];
extern u32 t5_tp_mib_index_array9[4];
extern u32 t5_tp_pio_array11[4];
extern u32 t5_tp_tm_pio_array1[4];
extern u32 t5_up_cim_reg_array13[4];
extern u32 t6_hma_ireg_array1[4];
extern u32 t6_ma_ireg_array22[4];
extern u32 t6_ma_ireg_array3[4];
extern u32 t6_tp_mib_index_array6[4];
extern u32 t6_tp_pio_array12[4];
extern u32 t6_tp_tm_pio_array1[4];
extern u32 t6_up_cim_reg_array13[4];
extern uchar_t fp_verbosity;
extern uchar_t max_dev_pci;
extern uint16_t bge_dma_miss_limit;
extern uint16_t iwk_eep_band_56;
extern uint16_t usbms_buf_bytes;
extern uint32_t bge_autorecover;
extern uint32_t bge_dma_rwctrl;
extern uint32_t bge_dma_rwctrl_5714;
extern uint32_t bge_dma_rwctrl_5715;
extern uint32_t bge_dma_rwctrl_5721;
extern uint32_t bge_dma_wrprio;
extern uint32_t bge_dmad_hi_water;
extern uint32_t bge_dmad_lo_water;
extern uint32_t bge_lowat_recv_frames;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_hi_water;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_lo_water_rdma;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_lo_water_rmac;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_base;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_base_5704;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_base_5705;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_base_5721;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_len;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_len_5704;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_len_5705;
extern uint32_t bge_mbuf_pool_len_5721;
extern uint32_t bge_mlcr_default_5714;
extern uint32_t bge_replenish_jumbo;
extern uint32_t bge_replenish_mini;
extern uint32_t bge_replenish_std;
extern uint32_t bge_rx_count_intr;
extern uint32_t bge_rx_ticks_intr;
extern uint32_t bge_stop_start_on_sync;
extern uint32_t bge_tx_count_intr;
extern uint32_t bge_tx_ticks_intr;
extern uint32_t bge_watchdog_count;
extern uint32_t cardbus_min_spare_io;
extern uint32_t cardbus_min_spare_mem;
extern uint32_t daplka_max_cq_percent;
extern uint32_t daplka_max_mr_percent;
extern uint32_t daplka_max_mw_percent;
extern uint32_t daplka_max_pd_percent;
extern uint32_t daplka_max_qp_percent;
extern uint32_t daplka_max_srq_percent;
extern uint32_t dmfe_bus_modes;
extern uint32_t dmfe_rx_desc;
extern uint32_t dmfe_setup_desc1;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tick_us;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tx100_stall_us;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tx10_stall_us;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tx_desc;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tx_int_factor;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tx_min_free;
extern uint32_t dmfe_tx_reclaim_level;
extern uint32_t emlxs_disable_traffic_cop;
extern uint32_t evch_bindings_max;
extern uint32_t fp_options;
extern uint32_t fp_unsol_buf_count;
extern uint32_t fp_unsol_buf_size;
extern uint32_t ilb_conn_tcp_expiry;
extern uint32_t ilb_conn_udp_expiry;
extern uint32_t ilb_sticky_expiry;
extern uint32_t ipp_max_action;
extern uint32_t ipp_max_mod;
extern uint32_t maxnestupimx;
extern uint32_t nge_watchdog_check;
extern uint32_t nge_watchdog_count;
extern uint32_t nxge_supported_cl22_ids2;
extern uint32_t pcicfg_max_device;
extern uint32_t pcicfg_max_function;
extern uint32_t rdma_bufs_rqst;
extern uint32_t rfs4_database_debug;
extern uint32_t rge_autorecover;
extern uint32_t rge_rx_watchdog_count;
extern uint32_t rge_watchdog_count;
extern uint32_t sctp_min_assoc_listener;
extern uint32_t sd_xbuf_active_limit;
extern uint32_t sd_xbuf_reserve_limit;
extern uint32_t tcp_drop_ack_unsent_cnt;
extern uint32_t tcp_init_wnd_chk;
extern uint32_t tcp_min_conn_listener;
extern uint32_t tcp_random_anon_port;
extern uint32_t uncerrsev10;
extern uint64_t cache_watermark;
extern uint64_t errorq_vitalmin;
extern uint64_t max_unsignaled_rws;
extern uint64_t pageout_sample_lim;
extern uint8_t hs_first_byte_mark7;
extern uint8_t oce_tx_hash_policy;
extern uint8_t ql_enable_pm;
extern uint8_t scsi_ioctl_list3;
extern uint_t aggsum_borrow_multiplier;
extern uint_t clts_rcstat_ndata;
extern uint_t clts_rsstat_ndata;
extern uint_t di_chunk;
extern uint_t ehci_intr_complete_split_mask7;
extern uint_t eib_lso_num_bufs;
extern uint_t hubd_device_delay;
extern uint_t hubd_dip_cleanup_delay;
extern uint_t hubd_retry_enumerate;
extern uint_t hubdi_bus_config_debug;
extern uint_t ipp_packet_classes;
extern uint_t ipp_packet_log_entries;
extern uint_t ipp_packet_logging;
extern uint_t loopfraction;
extern uint_t max_percent_cpu;
extern uint_t mdi_taskq_n_threads;
extern uint_t min_percent_cpu;
extern uint_t nfs3_async_clusters;
extern uint_t nfs3_cots_timeo;
extern uint_t nfs3_max_transfer_size_clts;
extern uint_t nfs3_max_transfer_size_cots;
extern uint_t nfs3_max_transfer_size_rdma;
extern uint_t nfs4_async_clusters;
extern uint_t nfs4_cots_timeo;
extern uint_t nfs4_trigger_mount_to;
extern uint_t nfs_async_clusters;
extern uint_t nfs_cots_timeo;
extern uint_t rd_maxphys;
extern uint_t rfsv4disp_cnt;
extern uint_t sbd_write_same_optimal_chunk;
extern uint_t sysdc_param_init;
extern uint_t uftdi_attach_unrecognized;
extern uint_t usb_ac_extension_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_feature_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_header_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_input_term_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_mixer_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_output_term_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_processing_item;
extern uint_t usb_ac_selector_item;
extern uint_t usb_as_ep_item;
extern uint_t usb_as_format_item;
extern uint_t usb_as_if_item;
extern uint_t usb_ccid_item;
extern uint_t usb_cfg_item;
extern uint_t usb_ep_item;
extern uint_t usb_ep_ss_comp_item;
extern uint_t usb_hid_item;
extern uint_t usb_ia_item;
extern uint_t usb_if_item;
extern uint_t usb_qlf_item;
extern uint_t usb_str_item;
extern uint_t usb_vc_extension_item;
extern uint_t usb_vc_header_item;
extern uint_t usb_vc_input_term_item;
extern uint_t usb_vc_output_term_item;
extern uint_t usb_vc_processing_item;
extern uint_t usb_vc_selector_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_2frame_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_color_matching_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_format_dv_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_format_mjpeg_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_format_mp2ts_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_format_uncps_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_input_header_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_output_header_item;
extern uint_t usb_vs_still_image_item;
extern uint_t usb_wa_item;
extern ulong_t dhcp_max_completed_txn;
extern ulong_t dhcp_max_pending_txn;
extern ulong_t slaac_max_allowed;
extern ulong_t svntr_hashtab_sz;
extern unsigned char bitc256;
extern unsigned int ipd_max_delay;
extern unsigned int minimum_timeo3;
extern unsigned long rdsv3_sysctl_reconnect_min;
extern ushort_t nfs3_max_threads;
extern ushort_t nfs4_max_threads;
extern ushort_t nfs_max_threads;
extern ushort_t ppb_command_default;

Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Bug #6420: rd_percent_physmem is a tunable and should not be staticNew2015-10-31

Related to illumos gate - Feature #14421: use GCC 10 as default primary compilerIn Progress

Related to illumos gate - Bug #14422: gcc10 build does not remove unused static functionsClosed

Actions #1

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 19 days ago

  • Related to Bug #6420: rd_percent_physmem is a tunable and should not be static added
Actions #2

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 19 days ago

  • Related to Feature #14421: use GCC 10 as default primary compiler added
Actions #3

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 19 days ago

  • Related to Bug #14422: gcc10 build does not remove unused static functions added

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