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remove packaging support for SPARC

Added by Garrett D'Amore over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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As part of the retirement of SPARC support, I propose to simply remove the packaging data for SPARC systems.

This is an incremental step to the removal, and I'm proposing it for these reasons:

1. It makes it clear that SPARC that isn't meant to be delivered or supported anymore.
2. Partial updates to e.g. remove platforms or drivers or drivers can be a lot more challenging because of the need to detangle dependencies to not deliver busted stuff.
3. Apart from that concern, it makes the effort for follow up cleanups considerably less; no need to touch packaging at all when simply removing SPARC bits.
4. It makes the burden lower for some non-SPARC updates (e.g.)


compare_repos.ksh (910 Bytes) compare_repos.ksh Garrett D'Amore, 2022-07-18 02:38 AM
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pkgrepo diff showed no differences:
gdamore@rts-build-01:~/ws/illumos$ man pkgrepo gdamore@rts-build-01:~/ws/illumos$ /usr/bin/pkgrepo diff -s 14786-no-sparc-pkg/packages/i386/nightly/repo.redist -s 4889-scsa-obsolete/packages/i386/nightly/repo.redist/

The table below shows the number of packages [total distinct versions]
by publisher in the specified repositories.

  • Repo1: /devp02/gdamore/illumos/14786-no-sparc-pkg/packages/i386/nightly/repo.redist/
  • Repo2: /devp02/gdamore/illumos/4889-scsa-obsolete/packages/i386/nightly/repo.redist/

----------------------+------------+---------+------------+ | Publisher | Repo1 only | Repo2 only | In both | Total |
----------------------+------------+---------+------------+ | on-nightly | 0 [539] | 0 [539] | 539 [0] | 539 [1078] |

The attached script was used to compare the contents of two repos. The resulting files (/tmp/dir1.out /tmp/dir2.out) were diff -u'd.

The only differences in content (after eliminating hash and version number changes -- see the script) is this:

--- /tmp/dir1.out Sun Jul 17 22:25:45 2022
+++ /tmp/dir2.out Sun Jul 17 22:26:23 2022
@ -29061,6 +29075,8 @
dir group=sys mode=0755 owner=root path=platform/i86xpv/kernel/tod
dir group=sys mode=0755 owner=root path=platform/i86xpv/kernel/tod/amd64
file elfarch=i386 elfbits=64 group=sys mode=0755 owner=root path=platform/i86xpv/kernel/tod/amd64/xpvtod reboot-needed=true
+dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/share/man
+dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/share/man/man4d
link path=usr/share/man/man4d/fdc.4d restart_fmri=svc:/system/update-man-index:default target=fd.4d
file group=bin mode=0444 owner=root path=usr/share/man/man4d/npe.4d restart_fmri=svc:/system/update-man-index:default
dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/share/man/man5
@ -35006,7 +35022,6 @
file elfarch=i386 elfbits=64 group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/amd64/
file elfarch=i386 elfbits=32 group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/
file elfarch=i386 elfbits=32 group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/ses/framework/
-dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/ses/vendor
dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/smp
dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/smp/engine
dir group=bin mode=0755 owner=root path=usr/lib/scsi/plugins/smp/engine/amd64

The explanation of those two entries changing:

1. We added a man page directory which was erroneously only listed for SPARC, even though we still contents into that directory (this is a fix)
2. We removed the ses/vendor plugin directory, as there was no longer anything delivered into it.

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git commit 708bde8c8780e5414779e4d9e7a7648886a4700e

commit  708bde8c8780e5414779e4d9e7a7648886a4700e
Author: Garrett D'Amore <>
Date:   2022-07-19T14:48:52.000Z

    14786 remove packaging support for SPARC
    Reviewed by: Gergő Mihály Doma <>
    Reviewed by: Peter Tribble <>
    Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <>
    Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <>
    Approved by: Joshua M. Clulow <>


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