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bhyve upstream sync 2023 January

Added by Andy Fiddaman over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Sync upstream activity in FreeBSD's bhyve into illumos.

The following list shows the commits considered as part of this sync.
The characters in the first columns indicate the action taken.

There are no major new features in this set, but in addition the usual improvements to the nvme driver, it also includes some work towards allowing generated ACPI tables to be loaded in the future, and I've been able to stop suppressing a lot of the compiler and smatch warnings due to upstream cleanups.

S - skipped
U - updated to match upstream
~ - partially taken
* - merged
 F - only freebsd-specific code changed
 A - already had
S    1  bhyve: Support other schemes for naming pass-through devices.
~    2  bhyve: Validate host PAs used to map passthrough BARs.
*    3  bhyve e1000: Sanitize transmit ring indices.
*    4  bhyve virtio-scsi: Tidy warning and debug prints.
*    5  bhyve virtio-scsi: Avoid out of bounds accesses to guest requests.
*    6  bhyve(4): Remove a double word in a source code comment
~    7  bhyve: create all vcpus on startup
S    8  vmm: permit some IPIs to be handled by userspace
S    9  vmm: Remove unneeded variable maxcpus
S   10  Revert "vmm: Remove unneeded variable maxcpus" 
S   11  Revert "vmm: permit some IPIs to be handled by userspace" 
S   12  bhyve: Fix build when BHYVE_SNAPSHOT is set
*   13  bhyve: Make smbios tables local to smbiostbl.c
*   14  bhyve: Address -Wno-unused warnings in atkbd.c
*   15  bhyve: Address compiler warnings in audio.c
*   16  bhyve: Use designated initializers for virtio_consts tables
*   17  bhyve: Address some warnings in bhyverun.c
*F  18  bhyve: Don't free an invalid pointer.
*   19  bhyve: Annotate unused function parameters
*   20  bhyve: Make pci_bars local to pci_emul.c
*   21  bhyve: Make bc_magic unsigned
*   22  bhyve: Initialize the return value in blockif_register_resize_callback()
S   23  vmm: permit some IPIs to be handled by userspace
*   24  vmm: increase vlapic version
    Mac os panics on apic versions lower than 0x14.
*   25  vmm: validate icr value
S   26  bhyve: Address some warnings in bhyverun.c
*   27  bhyve: Fix some warnings in the ps2 emulation code
*   28  bhyve: Use the proper type for string literals
*   29  bhyve: USB device model structures can be qualified with "static" 
*   30  bhyve: Avoid arithmetic on void pointers
S   31  bhyve: Fix some warnings in the snapshot code
*   32  bhyve: Put the prototype for vmexit_task_switch() in a header
*   33  bhyve: Put the prototype for vga_render() in a header
*   34 bhyve: Make hda_ops function tables const
*   35  bhyve: Annotate an unused function as such
S   36  bhyve: Handle snapshots of unconfigured virtio-net devices
S   37  libvmmapi: Provide an interface for limiting rights on the device fd
*F  38  bhyve: Use the new vm_limit_rights() interface
*   39  bhyve: Drop a bogus const qualifier
*   40  bhyve: Avoid shadowing global variables in bhyverun.c
*   41  bhyve: Avoid arithmetic on void pointers
*   42  bhyve: Fix a typo in a function name
*   43  bhyve: Address warnings in blockif_proc()
*   44  bhyve: Address signed/unsigned comparison warnings in the AHCI model
*   45  bhyve: Address signed/unsigned comparison warnings in the e1000 model
*   46  bhyve: Address some signed/unsigned comparison warnings
S   47  vmm: Fix AP startup with old userspace binaries.
S   48  bhyve: Make sure that the VNC version is initialized
*   49  bhyve: Fix an apparent pointer arithmetic bug in the xhci emulation
*   50  bhyve: Remove an unused parameter from pci_nvme_append_iov_req()
*   51  bhyve: Implement MSR_MISC_FEATURES_ENABLES
S   52  vmm: do not leak halted_cpus bit after suspension
*   53  bhyve: initial PowerCycles value
*   54  bhyve: Address warnings about potential unaligned accesses in fwctl.c
*   55  bhyve: Define an accessor for net backend private data
*   56  bhyve: Drop volatile qualifiers from xhci hw struct fields
*   57  bhyve: Drop volatile qualifiers from virtio rings
S   58  bhyve: Drop volatile qualifiers from snapshot code
*   59  bhyve: Cast away const when fetching a config nvlist
*   60  bhyve: Fix a typo in a comment
*   61  bhyve: Simplify control flow in the xhci device model
*   62  bhyve: abort and return FEATURE_NOT_SAVEABLE while set feature with a save flag for NVMe controller.
*   63  bhyve: return FEATURE_NOT_CHANGEABLE for unimplemented feature of NVMe controller
*   64  bhyve: nvme controller obey async event setting when reporting critical temperature
*   65  bhyve/kdblayout: add some missing keys to german layout
*   66  bhyve: add basic basl implementation
*   67  bhyve: add table dump functions for basl
*   68  bhyve: use basl to load ACPI tables
*   69  bhyve: add basl support for int values
*   70  bhyve: add basl support for generic addresses
*   71  bhyve: add basl support for length fields
*   72  bhyve: add basl support for checksums
*   73  bhyve: add basl support for pointers
*   74  bhyve: Use XHCI_PORTREG_PTR in one place that open-coded it.
*   75  bhyve: add basl support for common table header
*   76  bhyve: build DSDT table by basl
S   77  vmm: Simplify saving of absolute TSC values in snapshots.
S   78  vmm: Use vm_get_maxcpus() instead of VM_MAXCPU in various places.
S   79  vmm svm: Refactor per-vCPU data.
S   80  vmm vmx: Refactor per-vCPU data.
S   81  vmm svm: Mark all VMCB state caches dirty on vCPU restore.
S   82  vmm: Rework snapshotting of CPU-specific per-vCPU data.
S   83  vmm vmx: Add a global bool to indicate if the host has the TSC_AUX MSR.
S   84  vmm: Refactor storage of CPU-dependent per-vCPU data.
S   85  vmm: Remove the per-vm cookie argument from vmmops taking a vcpu.
S   86  vmm svm: Add SVM_CTR* wrapper macros.
S   87  vmm vmx: Add VMX_CTR* wrapper macros.
S   88  vmm: Use VLAPIC_CTR* in more places.
S   89  vmm: Expose struct vcpu as an opaque type.
S   90  vmm: Use struct vcpu with the vmm_stat API.
S   91  bhyve: Remove unused vm and vcpu arguments from vm_copy routines.
S   92  vmm: Add _KERNEL guards for io headers shared with userspace.
S   93  vmm: Add vm_gpa_hold_global wrapper function.
S   94  vmm: Use struct vcpu in the instruction emulation code.
S   95  vmm: Pass vcpu instead of vm and vcpuid to APIs used from CPU backends.
S   96  vmm: Remove vcpuid from I/O port handlers.
S   97  vmm: Remove support for vm_rendezvous with a cpuid of -1.
S   98  vmm: Use struct vcpu in the rendezvous code.
S   99  vmm: Remove unused vcpuid argument from vioapic_process_eoi.
S  100  vmm ppt: Remove unused vcpu arg from MSI setup handlers.
S  101  vmm: Lookup vcpu pointers in vmmdev_ioctl.
S  102  vmm vmx: Allocate vpids on demand as each vCPU is initialized.
S  103  vmm stat: Add a special nelems constant for arrays sized by vCPU count.
S  104  vmm: Destroy mutexes.
S  105  vmm: Use an sx lock to protect the memory map.
S  106  vmm devmem_mmap_single: Bump object reference under memsegs lock.
S  107  vmm: Use a cpuset_t for vCPUs waiting for STARTUP IPIs.
S  108  vmm: Allocate vCPUs on first use of a vCPU.
S  109  vmm: Convert VM_MAXCPU into a loader tunable hw.vmm.maxcpu.
S  110  vmm: Trim some pointless #ifdef KTR.
S  111  vmm: Restore the correct vm_inject_*() prototypes
S  112  bhyve: Disable thread safety analysis
*  113  bhyve: Address an unused parameter warning in the smbios code
*  114  bhyve: Let BASL compile with raised warnings
*  115  bhyve: Avoid using a packed struct for xhci port registers
*  116  bhyve: Enable the default compiler warnings
S  117  vmm: Fix non-INVARIANTS build
S  118  vmm: Fix build w/o KDTRACE_HOOKS.
S  119  vmm: remove unneccessary rendezvous assertion
*  120  bhyve: build FACS table by basl
*  121  bhyve: make basl_table_add_* functions public
*  122  bhyve: add helper to append a basl table without a header
*  123  bhyve: build MCFG table by basl
*  124  bhyve: add helper to fill a ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS
*  125  bhyve: build HPET table by basl
*  126  bhyve: build MADT table by basl
*  127  bhyve: build FADT table by basl
*  128  bhyve: build XSDT table by basl
*  129  bhyve: build RSDT table by basl
*  130  bhyve: build RSDP table by basl
*  131  bhyve: use dynamic ACPI table offsets
S  132  vmm: don't lock a mtx in the icr_low write handler
*  133  bhyve basl: Use GCC pragmas.
*  134  bhyve: Fix sign compare warnings in the e1000 device model.
*  135  bhyve: Don't leak uninitialized bits in NVMe completion statuses.
*  136  bhyve: Clear lid to 0 for internal device errors for NVMe AENs.
*  137  bhyve: Avoid unlikely truncation of the blockif ident strings.
*  138  bhyve: Fix sign compare warnings in the NVMe device model.
*  139  bhyve: Appease warning about a potentially unaligned pointer.
*  140  bhyve: Avoid passing a possible garbage pointer to free().
S  141  vmm: Remove stale comment for vm_rendezvous.
*F 142  bhyve virtio-scsi: Fix residual reporting.
*F 143  CTL: Increase maximum SCSI tag size from 32 to 64 bits.
*F 144  CTL: Allow userland supply tags via ioctl frontend.
*  145  bhyve: build SPCR ACPI table
SA 146  vmm: VM_GET/SET_KERNEMU_DEV should run with the vCPU locked.
S  147  vmm: Don't lock a vCPU for VM_PPTDEV_MSI[X].
S  148  vmm: Avoid infinite loop in vcpu_lock_all error case.
S  149  vmm: Free vCPUs when destroying them.
*  150  bhyve: Remove unused argument from pci_nvme_handle_doorbell.
*  151  bhyve: Pass a vCPU ID of 0 to vm_setup_pptdev_msi*.
*  152  bhyve: Remove unused vcpu argument from PCI read/write methods.
*  153  bhyve: Remove the unused vcpu argument from all of the I/O port handlers.
S  154  vm: reduce lock contention when processing vm batchqueues
~  155  nvme: Clear the notify flag if the consumer rejects the controller.
*  156  bhyve: Remove handler for VM_EXITCODE_SPINUP_AP.
*  157  bhyve: Remove unused return value from spinup_ap.
*  158  bhyve: Simplify setting vCPU capabilities.
*  159  bhyve: Remove some no-op code for setting RIP.
*  160  bhyve: Allocate struct vm_exit on the stack in vm_loop.
*F 161  bhyve: Don't access vcpumap[vcpu] directly in parse_cpuset().
*F 162  bhyve: Tidy vCPU pthread startup.
*F 163  bhyve: Simplify spinup_ap_realmode slightly.
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Updated by Electric Monk over 1 year ago

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Updated by Andy Fiddaman over 1 year ago

As part of testing this patch set I've booted test OmniOS, OpenIndiana, FreeBSD, Fedora and Windows on OmniOS with these patches applied. These machines use a variety of features such as different disk backends, network interface types, 9p sharing and so on.

Jorge Schrauwen has also kindly tested this with his variety of VMs that make use of some of the more rarely used features such as PCI pass-through. He observed that there are are fewer warnings shown against the emulated NVMe device as viewed from inside Windows, which is expected given the changes there.

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git commit 59d65d3175825093531e82f44269d948ed510a00

commit  59d65d3175825093531e82f44269d948ed510a00
Author: Andy Fiddaman <>
Date:   2023-02-21T13:03:07.000Z

    15325 bhyve upstream sync 2023 January
    Reviewed by: Jorge Schrauwen <>
    Reviewed by: Jason King <>
    Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <>
    Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <>


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