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tgtmap(9) tgt_privp doesn't work as advertised

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In scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_add(9f), the tgt_privp argument is described as follows:

The tgt_privp argument is a modifiable private value. Initially, tgt_privp points to the value passed in as tgt_priv to either the scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_add() or scsi_hba_tgtmap_tgt_add() functions. The driver may change the value as needed. It will receive the value stored in tgt_privp during the deactivate callback. [...]
The tgt_priv pointer will be set to the value that was passed when the device was added and will reflect any updates made during an activate callback, if present. [...]
The tgt_priv argument will be passed to the activate and deactivate callbacks, allowing the driver to pass around data corresponding to this address.

That isn't what the code does, though. When scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_add() is called, it calls damap_addrset_add() to do the actual work. tgt_privp is stored in a da_map_t.da_ppriv_rpt for later. And later, in dam_addr_activate(), which calls the activate callback passed to scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_add() earlier, the contents of da_ppriv_rpt is saved to da_priv and da_ppriv_rpt is set to NULL:

 * activate an address that has passed the stabilization interval
static void
dam_addr_activate(dam_t *mapp, id_t addrid)
    dam_da_t *passp;
    int config_rv;
    char *addrstr;

    bitset_add(&mapp->dam_active_set, addrid);
    passp = ddi_get_soft_state(mapp->dam_da, addrid);

     * copy the reported nvlist and provider private data
    addrstr = ddi_strid_id2str(mapp->dam_addr_hash, addrid);
        char *, mapp->dam_name, dam_t *, mapp,
        char *, addrstr);
    passp->da_nvl = passp->da_nvl_rpt;
    passp->da_ppriv = passp->da_ppriv_rpt;
    passp->da_ppriv_rpt = NULL;
    passp->da_nvl_rpt = NULL;
    passp->da_last_stable = gethrtime();
    if (mapp->dam_activate_cb) {
        (*mapp->dam_activate_cb)(mapp->dam_activate_arg, addrstr,
            addrid, &passp->da_ppriv_rpt);

Consequently, the activate callback is always passed NULL as tgt_priv.

There is another issue: The deactivate callback is passed da_ppriv in one place, and da_ppriv_rpt in another. So depending on the circumstances, the deactivate callback may either receive the tgt_priv passed to scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_add(9f), the tgt_priv that the activate callback may have set, or NULL.

It seems no in-gate HBA drivers use the tgt_priv argument, and it would be unclear to me what use it may have the way it is now.

I propose to get rid of da_ppriv_rpt and just use da_ppriv everywhere, thereby changing the semantics of the code to match the documentation: The tgt_priv passed to scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_add(9f) is passed to the activate callback, which may modify it. And whatever value tgt_priv is after the activate callback is always passed to the deactivate callback.

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I'm working on a new driver for newer MegaRAID controllers where I want to make use of tgt_privp to pass the driver target state around. Before this change this wouldn't work, but with this change it works as documented.

I didn't explicitly test for regressions in existing HBA drivers as code inspection showed none of them use this feature.

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commit  784279176e68a516c9e391eb98dda7bd543fa6dd
Author: Hans Rosenfeld <>
Date:   2023-03-22T15:47:35.000Z

    15500 tgtmap(9) tgt_privp doesn't work as advertised
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