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bhyve upstream sync 2023 September

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This is a set of merges from bhyve in FreeBSD, summarised in the following table.

There is very little change to the kernel components, we already had several of the fixes there.
The biggest set of changes are around:
- ACPI table generation and loading them into the guest via the fwctl interfaces;
- A basic emulated E820 device;
- TPM pass-through.

Each line is prefixed by a set of flags showing which action was taken. The key for these is:

S - skipped
U - updated to match upstream
~ - partially taken
* - merged
 F - only freebsd-specific code changed
 A - already had
*    1  bhyve: Avoid triggering false -Wfree-nonheap-object warnings.
*    2  bhyve: Remove vmctx argument from PCI device model methods.
*F   3  bhyve: Fix a global buffer overread in the PCI hda device model.
*F   4  bhyve: Fix a buffer overread in the PCI hda device model.
S    5  vmm: take exclusive mem_segs_lock when (un)assigning ppt dev
S    6  vmm: take exclusive mem_segs_lock in vm_cleanup()
S    7  vmm: fix use after free in ppt_detach()
S    8  vm: centralize VM_BATCHQUEUE_SIZE definition
*    9  53545967642d850eee4f2dd9fa27cae52ae981b9 vtd: Increase DRHD_MAX_UNITS
S   10  vmm: avoid spurious rendezvous
S   11  vmm: purge EOL release compatibility
S   12  vmm: Collapse identical case statements in vlapic_icrlo_write_handler()
S   13  vmm: Remove an unneeded initialization of "retu" 
S   14  vmm: Fix AP startup compatibility for old bhyve executables
*   15  bhyve: add helper struct for acpi device handling
*   16  bhyve: add helper func to add acpi resources
*   17  bhyve: add helper func to write a dsdt entry
*   18  bhyve: maintain a list of acpi devices
*   19  bhyve: add basic qemu fwcfg implementation
*   20  bhyve: add emulation for the qemu fwcfg selector port
*   21  bhyve: add emulation for qemu's fwcfg data port
*   22  bhyve: add helper to add fwcfg items
*   23  bhyve: add common fwcfg items
S   24  vmm: fix restore of TSC offset
S   25  bhyve: fix restore of kernel structs
S   26  bhyve: fix resume for vms with guest_ncpus > 1
*   27  bhyve: remove redundant variable
*   28  bhyve: Remove useless return at the end of void function
*   29  bhyvectl: Address compiler warnings and bump WARNS
S   30  bhyvectl: do not return garbage from send_message
S   31  bhyvectl: correct socket_fd closing in send_message
S   32  bhyvectl: don't leak nvlist in send_message
S   33  libvmm: add missing ioctl's to vm_ioctl_cmds
S   34  bhyve: don't flush readonly device at blockif_pause
S   35  bhyve: add cap limits for ipc socket
S   36  bhyve: exit with EX_OSERR if init checkpoint or restore time failed
S   37  bhyve: init checkput before caph_enter
S   38  bhyvectl: don't permit using --suspend and --checkpoint at same time
S   39  bhyve: Move libcasper dependecy to lib9p
*   40  bhyve: Remove trailing semicolon
*   41  bhyve: add helper for adding fwcfg files
*   42  bhyve: add cmdline option to enable qemu's fwcfg
SA  43  vmm: fix missing ipi statistic
S   44  bhyve: Sleep briefly in the VMEXIT_DEBUG handler
*   45  bhyve: Accept a variable-length string name for qemu_fwcfg_add_file.
*   46  bhyve: Don't return -ENOMEM from qemu_fwcfg_add_file.
*   47  libvmmapi: Add a struct vcpu and use it in most APIs.
S   48  bhyve: Remove vmctx member from struct vm_snapshot_meta.
*   49  bhyve: add helper to read PCI IDs from bhyve config
*   50  bhyve: make use of helper to read PCI IDs from bhyve config
*   51  bhyve: add config option to modify LPC IDs
*   52  bhyve: fix spelling mistake of pcireg option
*   53  bhyve: remove unnecessary const qualifier in acpi_device.h
*   54  bhyve: return EEXIST when adding a fwcfg item twice
*F  55  bhyve: scan PCI device functions to find host LPC
*   56  bhyve: add QEMU_FWCFG_INDEX_NB_CPUS item
*   57  bhyve: add missing include to qemu_fwcfg.c
*   58  bhyve: introduce acpi_device_emul struct
*   59  bhyve: do not exit if LPC finds no host selector
*   60  bhyve: allow building device specific ACPI tables
*   61  bhyve: check for errors when writing device specific DSDT entries
*   62  bhyve: allow device specific DSDT entries
*   63  bhyve: define array to protect passthru regs
*   64  bhyve: add hook for PCI header of passthru devices
*   65  bhyve: add QEMU_FWCFG_INDEX_MAX_CPUS item
*   66  bhyve: save softc of ACPI devices
S   67  Update/fix Makefile.depend for userland
*   68  x86: Move i386 timerreg.h to x86
*   69  ext2fs: extract crc16 into sys/crc16.h
*   70  bhyve: add helper struct for qemus acpi table loader
*   71  bhyve: make use of qemus acpi table loader
*   72  vmm: Expose some more AVX512 CPUID bits to guests
*   73  bhyve: add basic E820 implementation
*   74  bhyve: add common memory holes to E820 table
*   75  bhyve: add allocation function to E820
*   76  bhyve: add E820 dump function
*   77  bhyve: pass E820 table to guest
S   78  vmm: fix HLT loop while vcpu has requested virtual interrupts
S   79  vmm: Dynamically allocate a couple of per-CPU state save areas
*F  80  bhyve: Disable bhyve HDA debug by default.
*F  81  bhyve: Add DEBUG_HDA_FILE define to specify location of debug output
S   82  bhyve: use directory file descriptor for checkpoint
S   83  bhyve: enable capsicum for snapshot code
*   84  bhyve(8): fix typo in examples
S   85  vmm: don't free unallocated memory
*   86  bhyve: specify OpenSSL 1.1 API
S   87  bhyve: fix vCPU single-stepping on VMX
S   88  bhyve: save/restore pir_desc
*   89  bhyve: add cmdline option for user defined fw_cfg items
S   90  bhyve: make passthru sel public available
*   91  bhyve: don't panic if e820 finds no available memory
S   92  bhyve: add helper for passthru specific mmio ranges
S   93  bhyve: import OpRegion definitions
*   94  spdx: The BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD identifier is obsolete, drop -FreeBSD
*   95  bhyve: error out if fwcfg user file isn't read completely
S   96  vmm: Avoid embedding cpuset_t ioctl ABIs
*   97  bhyve: Remove the exitcode stats structure
S   98  bhyvectl: Update usage of vm_run()
*   99  bhyve: Fix typos
*  100  libvmmapi: Remove some unneeded includes
*  101  bhyve: Remove vestigial support for setting max vCPUs.
*  102  bhyve: allow adding FwCfg items to ACPI tables
*  103  bhyve: add basic TPM device
*  104  bhyve: register TPM device as ACPI device
*  105  bhyve: Remove special no-op handling for I/O port 0x488
*  106  bhyve: Sort SRCS
S  107  bhyve: add empty GVT-d emulation
S  108  bhyve: read out graphics stolen memory address and size
S  109  bhyve: allocate guest memory for graphics stolen memory
S  110  bhyve: emulate graphics stolen memory register
S  111  bhyve: read OpRegion address and size for GVT-d
S  112  bhyve: copy OpRegion into guest memory
S  113  bhyve: pass address of OpRegion to the guest
*  114  bhyve: use assert for missing TPM version
*  115  bhyve: add basic TPM emulation struct
*  116  bhyve: add basic TPM passthrough emulation
*  117  bhyve: add basic CRB interface for TPM devices
S  118  bhyve: rename 'structs' snapshot key with 'kern_structs'
S  119  bhyve: simplify restore of kernel structs
S  120  bhyve: rename 'user_dev' with 'devices'
*  121  bhyve: add bus, slot and func to device name
S  122  bhyve: add .pe_snapshot method for PCI 'hostbridge'
S  123  bhyve: use pci_next() to save/restore pci devices
S  124  bhyve: add command line parameter and parsing for migration
S  125  bhyve: Remove some unneeded includes of segments.h
*F 126  bhyve: Include vmm.h via the usual path
*  127  bhyve: Register hlt and pause vmexit handlers unconditionally
*  128  bhyve: Refactor vmexit_suspend() a bit
*  129  bhyve: add helper to create a bootorder
*  130  bhyve: add bootindex option for several devices
*  131  bhyve: maintain RSDT and XSDT by basl
*  132  bhyve/tpm: build TPM2 table by tpm interface
*  133  bhyve/tpm: create crb thread for sending tpm commands
*  134  bhyve: dos2unix
S  135  lib9p: Remove set but unused sockets[] array from l9p_start_server.
S  136  Revert "bhyve: add command line parameter and parsing for migration" 
*  137  Replace BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD with BSD-2-Clause
*  138  nvme: Fix typo in "Command Aborted by Host" constant name.
*  139  bhyve: Stop calling pci_lintr_request() in the NVMe device model
*  140  bhyve: Rename a pci_cfgrw() parameter
*  141  bhyve: Deduplicate some code in modify_bar_registration()
S  142  vmm: don't return random error from vcpu_lock_all() if vcpu is empty
S  143  vmm: don't leak locks exiting vmmdev_ioctl()
*  144  bhyve: Fix whitespace in bhyverun.c
*  145  bhyve: Remove an unneeded vm_get_register() call in main()
*  146  bhyve: do not hold CRB mutex when executing TPM commands
*  147  bhyvectl: Add '--get-debug-cpus' command
SA 148  bhyve: Fully reset the fwctl state machine if the guest requests a reset.
*  149  nvme: Add more NVME Base Spec 2.0 and NVME Command Set Spec 1.0a
*  150  bhyve: add emulation for CRB register of TPM devices
*  151  bhyve: emulate TPM passthru by accessing /dev/tpmX
*  152  bhyve: add Qemu PPI emulation for TPM devices
*  153  nvme.h: Fix a comment typo in admin opcode enum
*  154  sys: Remove $FreeBSD$: two-line .h pattern
*  155  Remove $FreeBSD$: two-line .h pattern
*  156  sys: Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line .h pattern
*  157  sys: Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line .c pattern
*  158  Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line .c pattern
*  159  sys: Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line sh pattern
*  160  Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line sh pattern
*  161  Remove $FreeBSD$: two-line nroff pattern
*  162  bhyve: add cmdline option for TPM emulation
*  163  bhyve: Store the FreeBSD OUI in little-endian in the controller data
*  164  bhyve: default UART to 115200
S  165  vmm: Fix VM_GET_CPUS compatibility
*  166  bhyve: add config option to load ACPI tables into memory

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