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/usr/perl5/bin needs to be split into its own package

Added by Albert Lee over 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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/usr/perl5/bin actually needs to be refactored into its own package, to allow the illumos dependency to change to another Perl version that is concurrently installed, without having to replace the existing runtime/perl-5xx package that delivers it -- ideally illumos-gate would provide this package, but we need to create one first, to allow a transition.

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Actions #1

Updated by Igor Kozhukhov over 11 years ago

I have solution how to update illumos-gate for perl transition.

1. we have to install perl-5.10 and perl-5.12 to the build system - have been done by OI-experimental userland.

2. have to update illumos-gate for building 2 version of modules.

igor@srv242:/myshare/builds/illumos-gate/illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/perl$ hg diff
diff r debf50957085 usr/src/cmd/perl/Makefile
a/usr/src/cmd/perl/Makefile Wed Oct 19 16:31:52 2011 0400
++ b/usr/src/cmd/perl/Makefile Thu Oct 20 14:00:54 2011 +0400
@ -32,7 +32,7 @
test := TARGET = test

  1. PERL_LEGACY is versions of Perl still delivered through ON
    -PERL_VERSIONS = 5.10.0
    +PERL_VERSIONS = 5.10.0 5.12

diff r debf50957085 usr/src/cmd/perl/contrib/Sun/Solaris/PerlGcc/Makefile.PL
a/usr/src/cmd/perl/contrib/Sun/Solaris/PerlGcc/Makefile.PL Wed Oct 19 16:31:52 2011 0400
++ b/usr/src/cmd/perl/contrib/Sun/Solaris/PerlGcc/Makefile.PL Thu Oct 20 14:00:54 2011 +0400
@ -48,6 +48,9 @
my $arch = qx{uname -p}; chomp($arch);
my $pver = sprintf('%vd', $^V);

# workaround for 5.12
$pver = '5.12' if ($pver =~ /5.12/);
+ # Figure out the appropriate Use an older version if necessary.
my $perlarch = ($arch eq "sparc") ? "sun4-solaris-64int":"i86pc-solaris-64int";

(This workaround not need if we update userland-perl-5.12 package for using full perl version - 5.12.3)

3. have to prepare new manifest for perl-5.12 - if need - I can attach. -

4. have to prepare manifest for perl-5.10 without man pages - for removing conflicts between 5.10 and 5.12 - I can attached

By result - we have different packages with illumos perl modules for different perl.

next steps will be later:

5. have to update userland-gate perl-5.10 manifest - remove link to /usr/bin/perl

6. have to update userland-gate perl-5.12 manifest - add link to /usr/bin/perl

7. rebuild userland packages with perl-5.12

Actions #2

Updated by Josef Sipek over 11 years ago

If we update pkg in /dev to the 173 backport, then we can use mediated symlinks - to let the user select which perl is symlinked.

Actions #3

Updated by Bayard Bell about 11 years ago

Josef Sipek wrote:

If we update pkg in /dev to the 173 backport, then we can use mediated symlinks - to let the user select which perl is symlinked.

That's probably the wrong approach to provide a stable interpreter for perl scripts included in the distribution. As far as pkg goes, it has some problems with links and linting in the code we've got (including the latest updates tracked for stable). We should fix the packaging in moving to perl 5.12 as the system perl.

Actions #4

Updated by Ken Mays almost 10 years ago

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Resolved in Illumos commit to resolve perl dependencies.


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