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Roll a Hudson zone

Added by Bryan Horstmann-Allen almost 12 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Becausing testing is awesome.


config.xml (1.64 KB) config.xml Rich Lowe, 2010-09-08 06:21 AM

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Updated by Rich Lowe almost 12 years ago

I'm attaching the config I used when toying with this. It refers to paths/facilities specific to me.

The only inobvious one is 'onnv-env', which contains a set of env files which set CODEMGR_WS based on their own path, so they're workspace location agnostic. It was convenient to re-use the same dirty trick here. You could probably do better, or just hard code one.

The trickery with tail -f is to get 'nightly.log' into the hudson log in realtime, while still leaving it in place for logshuffle. I'm not convinced it really works, or even nearly works.

It requires the Hudon mercurial plugin (which is a one-click install from hudson's admin interface).

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Updated by Roland Mainz over 11 years ago

- Does Hudson allow remote machines (even those behind a firewall, e.g. no outbound connection easily possible) to "contribute" their status information (including logs) to a central status page (tinderbox does because it is primarily mail-driven) ?
- Can Hudson remotely control remote builds (e.g. kick)

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Updated by Roland Mainz over 11 years ago

Erm... I've been told that hudson requires a JAVA VM. If this is "true" and can't be worked-around then this rules out Hudson as option because it will prevent ports on platforms like ARM to partake in a "continued build&&test" infrastructure.

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Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen about 11 years ago

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Rich has been working with Hudson/Jenkins. This is more on his plate than mine.

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Updated by Rich Lowe almost 11 years ago

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Mad buck-passing skills.

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Updated by Joshua M. Clulow almost 11 years ago

Buck received. Rolling this up into puppet in the usual manner at present, having discussed with Rich via email.

In answer to some of Roland's questions...

Jenkins appears capable of controlling slave build hosts via SSH in several ways. One plugin allows for commands to be executed on remote hosts via SSH, the other allows a Jenkins slave process (in a JVM) to be spun up via SSH. For troublesome platforms (i.e. those without a JVM) we can probably work something out. I've really only looked at this for a short period so far, but I'll look further once I have our first instance up and running.

If a machine is unable to receive inbound connections or make outbound connections, how do you intend to allow it to clone the gate for builds? I think that in the immediate term we should be looking at easy to maintain solutions that cover the common cases; boxes we can get to and that can get to us. Jenkins appears to meet these criteria.

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Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen over 6 years ago

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