Bug #1855

need add define AV_SPARC_AES to /usr/include/sys/auxv_SPARC.h

Added by Igor Kozhukhov over 6 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2011-12-05
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build LIBSSL-1.0 failed on SPARC
need add define AV_SPARC_AES to /usr/include/sys/auxv_SPARC.h


Future Availability and Commitment

The new crypto instructions mention here are available on the SPARC T4 microprocessor. However, these new instructions should be considered "evolving" in that there's no guarantee the instructions will be present or unchanged in future SPARC processors. That's to allow the possibility for optimizations and tuning in the future. That's not a problem to those using Solaris software, including OpenSSL, as future software will support future hardware. But it is a consideration to those coding and using crypto instructions directly in their code. Applications should verify T4 aes is availabe with the getisax(2) system call and checking for the AV_SPARC_AES bit (or similar bit for digests) defined in header file /usr/include/sys/auxv_SPARC.h. 

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