Bug #1876

ksh93 almost certainly doesn't really need to be DWARF

Added by Rich Lowe almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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usr/src/Makefile.ast forces ksh93 to use DWARF because "We need this for C99/VLA support", experimentally, that's not true, and allowing it to default (to stabs, right now), worked fine.

This should be verified.

I should perhaps explain that we currently use stabs, always, when building with Sun Studio not because we are intransigent, stuck in the past, or ornery, but because Sun Studio generates broken DWARF, and thus using it arbitrarily means that you're placing a bet that the DWARF it generates for you will be ok. Even should you win that bet, there's a good chance the first person to lose it will be pretty angry.



Updated by Rich Lowe almost 9 years ago

Further research has discovered two bugs that may have necessitated this, one of which is long since fixed, the other of which applies to a compiler which we do not use, and didn't exist at the time the comment was written (it has, also, since been fixed).


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Updated by Yuri Pankov almost 9 years ago

We almost certainly don't need ksh93, wonder if smartos did already drop it.


Updated by Rich Lowe almost 9 years ago

They didn't, and actually removing it is a lot harder than you're giving credit to.

Moving it to nexenta's illumos-userland tree, and oi-build/illumos-extra for the rest of us seems saner. But that's another bug, feel free to file it.


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Resolved in r13541 commit:7320fae78e0e

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