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Document dladm show-phys' -m option

Added by Piotr Jasiukajtis about 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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At this moment MAC address of the physical interface is visible only after plumbing the link.
It's not possible however to plumb NIC if the link is a part of an aggregated datalink.
As a workaround someone can use libdlpi directly (dlpi_get_physaddr) but this information should be provided by dladm itself.
It's already done for VNIC:

# dladm show-vnic
LINK         OVER         SPEED  MACADDRESS        MACADDRTYPE         VID
vm01         bnx0         1000   2:8:20:7e:84:42   random              0

# dladm show-phys
LINK         MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE
bnx0         Ethernet             up         1000   full      bnx0
bnx1         Ethernet             down       0      unknown   bnx1

Updated by Piotr Jasiukajtis about 9 years ago

This feature is already implemented but not documented correctly in the manual page.

> dladm show-phys -m
LINK         SLOT     ADDRESS            INUSE CLIENT
nge0         primary  0:1a:4d:72:9f:eb   yes  nge0
rtls1        primary  0:50:fc:fa:1a:1d   no   --
rtls2        primary  0:30:4f:46:f1:2b   no   --

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It's also missing from the actual dladm usage block in the command. I'll take care of both while I'm here.


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    2057 Document dladm show-phys' -m option
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