Bug #2137

Losing FC Initiator after rebooting initiator

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We are implementing a storage server. We have installed Openindiana 151a with COMSTAR FC using "qlt" driver, Qlogic card, Brocade Switches and different servers as initiators.

We make the zoning in the switches, and all the STMF config in the server, and the LU's served from the Openindiana server are seen ok from initiators.

But, when a Initiator is reboot, the initiator cannot see again the LU. To see it, it is necessary to make in the storage server:

  1. svcadm disable STMF
  2. svcadm enable STMF

It also happens when the port of the initiator is down and up again. The server cannot see again that initiator.

It seems that STMF only register all the LU when it is launched. What is really a bad behaviour.

Please, Could you help us? It is a really big bug.

Many thanks in advance.


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Given the difficulty of the issue, have you asked for support on ? OI isn't in a position to provide this kind of support, and our fixes would come through the illumos-gate upstream in any case.

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