Bug #224

findunref build shouldn't fail if SCM can't be determined

Added by Rich Lowe over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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usr/src/tools/findunref/Makefile deals with the possibility SCM_TYPE is "none", but not the possibility that it's "unknown", which in some cases it may be (when using bldenv, for instance).


  1. It should deal with either possibility in the same way
  2. bldenv should use "none" the same as nightly does

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The greater root of this is that nightly sets SCM_TYPE="none" in the case of any SCM which it does not understand, whereas bldenv does not.


Updated by Rich Lowe almost 10 years ago

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Actually, this whole thing is bogus. There's utterly no reason to go through any of this pain, and the very idea of Makefile concerning itself with the SCM bothers me greatly in the first place.

The only somewhat valid reason this is the way it is is that it is possible, in theory, is that it may be necessary to pacify checkpaths. It turns out that's never true: any valid entry in the SCM-specific lists is also an entry with a leading wildcard, which checkpaths explicitly ignores. I plan to delete all the SCM specific files and the build junk, and add those entries which actually need to exist to exception_list.common, fixing the subversion entry in the process (I'm not certain why the file existed, but it was clearly never tested).

In doing this, bldenv doesn't even need to know anything about the SCM (as it should be!) and will cease to know about it, and nightly will cease exporting the SCM type to deter anyone else from depending on it.


Updated by Rich Lowe over 9 years ago

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Resolved in r13361 commit:2502776ad797

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