Bug #2241

fix simply spurious wsdiff noise

Added by Rich Lowe almost 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2012-03-05
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When wsdiff is used, there is a set of spurious changes which one tends to have to memorize to know are not actual differences, these are:

- changes to .SUNW_dof, this is due to the way identifiers are formed (based on inode numbers!)

- changes to perl modules, which contain .debug_info sections including workspace paths, versions, etc.

- changes to datestamps in sqlite, also containing workspace versions etc.

It'd be great to fix as many of these as are simple (I imagine .SUNW_dof isn't).
I suspect, but am not sure, that the sqlite changes are the reason for much other noise (in consumers), but someone doing this should probably do a full run and look at the noise first hand (the consumers, svc.* have offset changes that certainly suggest knock-on effect).

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