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Added by Garrett D'Amore about 13 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I'm not alone in this. usually says "empty file" when I try to upload something to it. And supporting only .zip is crazy.

It needs to be removed.

I'd like something like, where developers get an HTML upload area that they can upload to with rsync or sftp; the content should be re-published via HTTP.

Probably there needs to be some job that periodically warns developers to clean their old crap up, and maybe even nukes it unless someone does something to prevent it (such as dropping in a special ".PRESERVE_ME" file or somesuch.)

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Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen about 13 years ago

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Couple ways to do this:

gitolite! Easy to manage, easy for developers to maintain their stuff, and it has facilities for per-user stuff so it's easy to translate into a per-user web view.

Alternatively we just do something basic with sftp (which is somewhat more annoying for people to manage than just git locally).

Best option would be something like, but they don't support Solaris.

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Updated by Captain Administrator about 13 years ago

"Empty File" error is thrown when the file field is not set (atleast that's how the code's written). If the file was set, that it may be that the browser is not sending across things correct, or some other issue?

Just added support for .tar.gz as well.

Max file size (or zip or tarball) is set to accept files upto 1MB. This can be change inconfig.php.


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Updated by Garrett D'Amore about 13 years ago

The darn thing rejects my files for mysterious reasons, and I'm not alone. 1M is too small for some webrevs. It uses a random number in the URL that you can't update, and its located on a legacy system that we're trying to move off of.

In short, the current thing is garbage. I'm not interested in trying to salvage it. Throw it away and give me a facility like please.

I think Bryan Horstmann is working on this.

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Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen about 13 years ago

Test zone built ( Need to decide on an approach. Once that's done, figure 2-4 hours for configuration and testing.

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Updated by Jim Klimov about 13 years ago

Just a by-stander's 2 cents: I work for a company which leveraged Sun's products as well as many open-sourced projects for corporate and government customers to make portals and document repositories, aiming towards e-government workflows and such.

If you decide to dive into making a new CR/WebRev engine overall, you might take a look at a few projects as not to start from scratch: Alfresco ECM (, numerous Atlassian products ( and some of Sun's own products.

For repository you may want to start up from Alfresco Community project. It is a Java-based web-application (Apache Tomcat et al), and we have a number of projects for customers running under Solaris and OpenSolaris (including local zones), Linux and Windows. AFAIK it was also included or easily integrated with Sun/Liferay portal (WebSpace 10/LifeRay 5).

At least that should give a versioning repository server accessible via Web-GUI, WebDAV, FTP, NFS and CIFS, CMIS and WebServices (custom WSDLs). One cool feature for automating workflows is the ability to add handlers for certain folders ("spaces"), such as unzipping the received file and applying it to a test code branch, or whatever.

AFAIK Rsync and SSH/SFTP are not implemented, but if someone is eager - might be doable. At least, one can use sftp or rsync to a "home" directory mounted from Alfresco as a cifs/nfs server by the system with ssh service.

If Alfresco were to be used without file-services (only HTTP / WebDAV / WSDL) you can also do single-sign-on with OpenSSO (perhaps OpenAM now?) and its other SSO-client applications, like forums (Jive) or portals, and with Sun Messaging Suite, and possibly with Atlassian's products, which include a bug-tracker (JIRA) and a Wiki (Confluence).

Even if nothing else applies now, Alfresco's automated handlers of whatever is uploaded by developers over one of numerous protocols (as well as publishing specified spaces over HTTP) might be what you want. And then as part of handling, you can stick it into your existing or new solution...

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Updated by Alexander Eremin about 12 years ago

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Any progress for uploading zips with size more than 1MB?

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Updated by Joshua M. Clulow over 8 years ago

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No longer an issue, given the rearchitecture to support SSH-based rsync uploads, etc.


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