Bug #230

amp-dev is broken on oi_147

Added by Albert Lee almost 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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c00p on IRC was unable to image-update his snv_134 system.

from http://pastebin.com/hwBa9ShV:

cooper@token:~$ grep -B 2 OBSOLETE update-errors.txt #
Requires one of: pkg://openindiana.org/,5.11-0.133:20100914T030737Z (RENAMED), pkg://opensolaris.org/,5.11-0.133:20100216T061449Z (RENAMED) #
incorporate: web/php-52/extension/ #
Requires one of: pkg://openindiana.org/web/php-52/extension/,5.11-0.146:20100914T030712Z (OBSOLETE and incompatible with installed pkgs: pkg://opensolaris.org/,5.11-0.133:20100216T091428Z) #
-- #
Requires one of: pkg://openindiana.org/,5.11-0.133:20100914T023536Z (RENAMED), pkg://opensolaris.org/,5.11-0.133:20100216T095543Z (RENAMED) #
incorporate: database/postgres-83/ #
Requires one of: pkg://openindiana.org/database/postgres-83/,5.11-0.146:20100914T023233Z (OBSOLETE and incompatible with installed pkgs: pkg://opensolaris.org/web/php-52/extension/,5.11-0.134:20100302T072638Z) #
-- #
Requires one of: pkg://openindiana.org/,5.11-0.133:20100914T023536Z (RENAMED), pkg://opensolaris.org/,5.11-0.133:20100216T085143Z (RENAMED) #
incorporate: #
Requires one of: pkg://openindiana.org/,5.11-0.146:20100914T030712Z (OBSOLETE and incompatible with installed pkgs: pkg://opensolaris.org/,5.11-0.111:20090508T164640Z) #

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should be fexed with oi_148 already, pg is back

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