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Packaging: make "g-links" to more common GNU utilities

Added by Jim Klimov almost 12 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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There are some Sun and GNU versions of similar UNIX utilities with noticeably different behaviour, such as (but not limited to): date, df, diff, tar and probably many others.

OpenIndiana provides GNU utilities in "/usr/gnu/bin" path, which is prepended to PATH by default, although older/hardcore admins running legacy-compatible sites tend to revert the PATH to a standard one with leading "/usr/bin" for Sun utilities to be the default ones for a number of reasons.

Solaris provided some GNU utilities with "g" prepended to their names, like gdiff, gdate, gtar and so on in the common /usr/bin pathname, and that allowed to use the specific program implementation (i.e. diff vs. gdiff).

In fact, OpenIndiana does this too for a number of utilities with symlinks like /usr/gnu/bin/tar pointing to /usr/bin/gtar binary. I propose to extend such linking to other utilities with known differences in command-line parameters or output forms.
At the moment I can point to "gdate" and "gtail" as two programs I often miss and have to symlink manually.
I suggest that this task hangs around for a while so other users/admins can post their preferences in comments, and then the packaging manifest for GNU tools can be updated...

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If you care about this, submit patches. Otherwise I'll close the issue.

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Updated by Jim Klimov almost 12 years ago

I do care, but right now this task was preempted by more urgent things at work and home.
If you're into cleaning up the task queue for the next scrum, go ahead and close it (or mark as "Postponed" if redmine has that), and I'll reopen when I actually get to making the patch.
I have a vague hope that some fellow admins would add their favorite g-links here - but it seems likely they won't.

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Jim - Architectural issue already addressed as in compatibility with upstream (somewhat) as well as other related distros. Many gnu/bin naming of (g) was to avoid conflicts with same name BSD commands (ex. grep vs. ggrep(GNU grep) or tar versus gtar).

This was discussed by upstream and the ISVs a few years ago and the conclusion is what Solaris 11.x/12 is doing today, which is what
most OpenSolaris/Illumos-distros are following for compatibility reasons...


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