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want to resume interrupted zfs send

Added by Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk almost 10 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

zfs - Zettabyte File System
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With ZFS send/receive of large datasets, it would be rather nice to have an incremental or a resumable zfs send/receive system. in my current case, I have 50TiB uncompressed (which is how it's sent over the wire with zfs send/receive), so with the current hardware/compression/network bandwidth/etc, it'll take about two weeks to transfer it all. While time isn't a big issue in this, the chance of mbuffer/nc/whatever getting interrupted somehow is persistent. AFAICS the current code is somewhat incremental, in that it sends a snapshot at a time, and while this is good, it doesn't help much if the initial snapshot (after rotating them for a while, destroying old ones) contain 95% of the data.

So, would it be possible somehow to create a resumable snapshot transfer solution without rewriting zfs? Ideally, such a thing would allow for rebooting source and destination servers and not merely help stabilising the stream.


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Updated by Eric Schrock almost 10 years ago

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Chris Siden at Delphix has a prototype of this that we'll get back to in the near future. He doesn't appear to have a bug account setup, so I'll assign this to myself.

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Updated by Michael Keller over 9 years ago

Isn't it possible to pause the pipe from zfs send by not reading anything from it and then later resume reading? The same for zfs receive?

If so a wrapper for the pipes will do (and how that exactly works is depended on the use case...).

The only case a zfs rewrite will be needed is if zfs send for the same snapshots will output every time different byte streams. In such a case a "resume" by skipping already captured output won't work if the system restarted while zfs send was paused.

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NOTE: Slides 20-26 in the slideshare URL pertain to this feature.

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    2605 want to resume interrupted zfs send
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