Bug #2639

advanced format drives (not only WD presumably) logical block size should be acknowledged/respected optionally

Added by Brandon Trussell over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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OS: oi_151a2 64-bit
zpool "thoth" has been created with 512B sector size disks (ashift=9 I believe).

The disks are failing and need to be replaced, but 512B are rarely if ever made now (at least by the same manufacturer). Until the pool can be recreated from scratch (big task) the drives still need to be replaced when they fail. That is why Advanced Format disks have been implemented the way they have. They are meant to allow migration, even though 512B is their logical sector size, not their physical sector size. ZFS should not force the admin to not be able to take advantage of this emulation intended to allow migration / co-existence.

ZFS does not allow an advanced format disk (512B logical sector size / 4KB physical sector size) replace a disk which is 512B physical. The following message is output on the console:
"cannot replace c7t3d0 with c7t3d0: devices have different sector alignment"

I have heard this has already been implemented in Solaris 11. Additionally, this was not an issue on b_134 due to the kernel not checking the physical sector size (respecting the logical sector size).

I have this drive available for the next 14 days or so, but no longer. So whatever other information is necessary needs to be request as soon as possible.


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This needs to be resolved in the illumos-gate upstream.


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