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OpenIndiana fails to provide option for manual network config

Added by r a almost 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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In OpenSolaris there was an option to select Manual network configuration via the GUI which is missing from OpenIndiana.
Can this functionality be made available under OpenIndiana.

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Updated by Jon Tibble almost 12 years ago

Either click on the network icon near the time on the gnome panel or go to System->Administration->Network.
Enter root password.
In the dialog that appears select the interface and select manual configuration from the drop down.

If that doesn't work then file a bug about that but the functionality is not missing so I suggest this bug is closed.

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Updated by Albert Lee almost 12 years ago

NWAM has now completely replaced the previous graphical network configuration tool (network-admin) which was based on svc:/network/physical:default.

If you have a headless server and need svc:/network/physical:default, the instructions in nwamd(1) for enabling it are still accurate.

You can still use network-admin on a desktop if you disable NWAM for now, but NWAM is no longer missing functionality that should make this necessary.

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Updated by Albert Lee almost 12 years ago

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Updated by r a almost 12 years ago


I have configured my networking to using a static ip address but could not find a way to configure fixed dns servers.
When I configured /etc/resolv.conf manually it was always over written using the settings from the DHCP server which were not correct.

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Updated by Jeppe Toustrup almost 12 years ago

"r a", it could sound like you have a mix-up in the network configuration. Could you please check that the service network/physical:default is enabled, while network/physical:nwam is disabled?

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Updated by r a almost 12 years ago

In order to get the configuration I wanted, I had to disable nwam and enable the physical interface and was then able to configure DNS and IP information statically.
When I tried OpenIndiana on a work laptop, it recognised the lan/wireless brillantly and I was really impressed. However, in a static environment it makes configuration unnecessarily complicated. I liked the fact that OpenSolaris had the option for easy manual configuration. If an option with NWAM to allow manual configuration of IP address, Netmask, Gateway could include the optional setting domain name and dns servers that would be great.


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