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Changing default path to have Solaris bins first?

Added by Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk about 13 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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Starting with OpenSolaris and now OI, /usr/gnu/bin is first in path, meaning ls -vd /some/dir won't show the ZFS ACLs unless /usr/bin/ls is executed directly. While this is no big issue, I still wonder if setting the GNU tools as the primary instead of the Solaris tools is a good thing. I propose we change this back to how it is in S10, with the Solaris tools as the primary.

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Updated by Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk about 13 years ago

This probably goes for manual pages to - the default ones point to GNU manuals where stuff like ls/chmod doesn't handle ZFS ACLs etc

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Updated by Guido Berhörster almost 13 years ago

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Updated by Julian Wiesener over 12 years ago

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i agree with the reporter, /usr/gnu/bin should come after /usr/bin (on my systems it is anyway) only a few build systems will require gnu features, while /usr/gnu/bin causes problems (unexpected linenreaks in df, no zfs acl, etc.)

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Updated by Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk over 12 years ago

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I beleive this is a bug, not a feature request, albeit not a serious bug. The Solaris commands should work by default. This bug will affect new users most, and we really don't want to make life harder than for new users.


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Updated by Josef Sipek about 12 years ago

Out of curiosity, what does Solaris 11 Express do? From the OI FAQ: "OpenIndiana aims to be binary and package compatible with the upcoming Solaris 11 and Solaris 11 Express, and most of the operating system is built from source code that Oracle continues to make available." Does this count as binary compatibility? Does this count as compatibility?

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Updated by Julian Wiesener about 12 years ago

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Updated by Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk about 12 years ago

Shouldn't this really be fixed before 151? It really breaks Solaris compatibility, which is part of the plan.

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Updated by A L about 12 years ago

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I'm rejecting this bug. /usr/gnu/bin is part of the philosophy of the Indiana project, and this is non-negotiable.


If you want /usr/bin at the front of your path, please edit /etc/profile or .profile

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Updated by Juho Juopperi about 11 years ago

Sorry about beating the dead horse, but this bug keeps biting the new users trying to use e.g. ACL. It is also generally unintuitive not to be able to use operating system's documented built in functionality because of external tools with overlapping names prepended to default PATH.

Could you elaborate on the philosophy point? Where is this documented?


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