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upgrade rsync-3.0.6 to rsync-3.0.9

Added by Dieter Lange over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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w/o further investigation: rsync-3.0.6 in oi_151a does not delete, rsync-3.0.9 does;
upgrade seems necessary if not yet done ;-) found when rsyncing w/3.0.6 from oi_151a2 system to oi_151a system (rsync initiated on oi_151a);
"rsync avv --del /LGHH22/ /wd640/wdpool" (/LGHH22 on found:
"IO error encountered -
skipping file deletion"
checked file count with "find <dir>|wc -l"

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Updated by Milan Jurik over 9 years ago

Issue 2784 is about bump to 3.0.9 in illumos-userland gate, waiting for RTI.

I am open to add it to prestable/stable release also, but it has to be approved by Jon Tibble or some other prestable/stable maintainer.

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Updated by Jon Tibble over 9 years ago

  • Category changed from PKG (Image Packaging System) to 10
  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • Assignee changed from OI Userland to Jon Tibble
  • Target version set to oi_151_stable
  • % Done changed from 0 to 90

Already bumped to 3.0.9 for the next prestable to take care of CVE-2011-1097 and as Milan has already said you're duplicating #2784 for userland.

Seems a bit weird that you're the first person to find it doesn't delete when so many people use rsync though and your IO error suggests it's not rsync's fault. rsync survived from b126 to b166 (roughly 80 weeks) in SFW followed by introduction into userland and a further two months at 3.0.6 (before Oracle took care of the above CVE) without needing a patch so with all the users using it in that time I think one or two would have noticed it didn't delete! If I were you I'd investigate your IO errors as they indicate your system is not in the best of health and I don't believe it relates to rsync.

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Updated by Dieter Lange over 9 years ago

a (too) quick search did not come up with bug#2784, sorry for that; for the state of the sending end cf.bug #2657, update #5 (but running in "openindiana-2"), the receiving end is a fresh oi_151a (2011-09-14) text install w/o any upgrades; but: reading rsync's manpage "beyond page 30" tells that rsync cancels deletion after nfs (cf. "/LGHH22" above) errors; lets hope...I just was fooled by the assumption that a Corei7 sender on a Gbit LAN with just the receiver and one quiet other system on the LAN could not cause problems of that kind (showing xfer short of 30MiB/s), and by the observation that rsync-3.0.9 "helped" (w/everything else as before)...and I wasn't just the first to report it.

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Updated by Jon Tibble about 9 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Resolved
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Bumped in prestable5


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