Bug #29

illumos build should not depend upon 'extras' pkg repository

Added by Rich Lowe over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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The extras repository is currently required to build onnv, and thus illumos.

The extras repository contains non-redistributable components that cannot be
distributed by anyone except Oracle (or, presumably, some licensees).
It is in the interests of illumos to remove hard dependencies on these packages.

At present, these dependencies are:

  • wbem (used by cmd/wbem, libfsmgt, and dhcpmgr)
  • jsnmp

I've done various bits of hacking in this basic direction, so I'm taking this for
right now, though I may not keep it.


Updated by Rich Lowe over 10 years ago

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Work in progress is available from


Updated by Rich Lowe over 10 years ago

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I've sent this to stallion to review, other interested parties can find a webrev available from

This removes cmd/wbem, which contained various bits of the wbem implementation (presumably those bits requiring consolidation private interfaces in ON), and removes host-table management support from the dhcp administration tools (a feature dependent upon wbem), it leaves in.dhcp, and the admin commands, for the sake of attempting to keep the automated install feature of caiman functioning.

I have tested this with builds without any of the important extras packages installed (I left flash, and the ttf fonts), have run the dhcpmgr CLI sanity tests, and have used dhcpmgr to configure basic dhcp service on an etherstub-based network (one vnic as the server, other vnics as clients).


Updated by Rich Lowe over 10 years ago

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Fixed in changeset 12787:c8c5cc99535f

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