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PS1 prompt in default user .profile is incorrect

Added by Jim Klimov over 11 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The PS1 prompt is defined incorrectly in OpenIndiana user's ~/.profile files (cloned for each new user from /etc/skel/.profile).
Currently this is defined as:

    [[ "${LOGNAME}" == "root" ]] && printf "%s" "${PWD/${HOME}/~}# " ||
    printf "%s" "${PWD/${HOME}/~}\$ ")'

The main problem is with the substitution for HOME: "as is" this eradicates a matching string from anywhere in the current directory path, i.e. "/root" disappears from the paths below:

root@openindiana:/# cd /zones/build/zone1/root/etc
root@openindiana:/zones/build/zone1~/etc# ...

root@openindiana:/# mkdir /rootpool
root@openindiana:/# cd /rootpool
root@openindiana:~pool# ...

root@openindiana:/# mkdir /root/subdir
root@openindiana:/# cd /root/subdir/
root@openindiana:~/subdir# ...

First can be fixed by prefixing HOME with the dash character (#) in the expression. Second part is problematic for me in bash alone, but I can solve it with sed like shown in the end of the post. Third "seems" to work ;)

A couple of arguable problems are:
1) The directory (substitution) is the same, but used twice (with different characters for root and user); it will be more maintainable (maybe a bit slower?) to split these components as shown below;
2) Is printf better/faster than echo in this simple case of a fixed static line?

Suggested replacement is (choice of escape character to separate parts of the regexp in sed is questionable though):

    echo ${PWD} | sed "s,^${HOME}\(\/.*\)*$,\~\1,")$(
    [[ "${LOGNAME}" == "root" ]] && echo "# " || echo "$ " )'

At least, all the examples above work correctly with this definition.

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Updated by Yuri Pankov over 11 years ago

Why not use something simple (bash is default shell anyway):

PS1="\u@\h:\w\\$ " 

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Updated by Jim Klimov over 11 years ago

That does make sense and this or similar definition was used in .bash_profile for ages.
IMHO, the .profile shared by different shell implementations should use the "minimal common syntax" as to work in all shells. For example, the bash-builtins are bound to be faster than calling external programs every time - so an override in user's or default bash_profile is encouraged (perhaps as part of this or another bug? - add equivalent default profiles optimized for specific shells)

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    2931 PS1 prompt in default user .profile is incorrect
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Resolved by referenced illumos ticket.


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