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ONNV terminal definitions are old and crufty

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With a default install of snv_134 or oi_147, running something like vim inside screen produces very broken colours and what not.

I've attached an example screenshot someone has provided of an example issue. I believe their TERM is set to xterm-color, and they have exited vim from inside a screen. This combination is reportedly working fine in Linux.

I'm not a terminal emulation expert so I apologise for this problem description being a bit vague, but the default terminal definitions (termcap/terminfo?) break things like vim inside screen.

There seems to be a blog post about the issue by Lewellyn over here with a potential fix:

Although a simple and seemingly unimportant issue, I'd actually classify this as reasonably important as it is the simple annoyances that put off new users and converts from other UNIX platforms who expect this stuff to work out of the box.

Installing ncurses and setting "export TERMINFO=/usr/gnu/share/terminfo" works well as a workaround.


xterm.ti (2.08 KB) xterm.ti Gary Mills, 2010-10-03 06:44 PM

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Has duplicate illumos gate - Bug #381: Fix Home,end,pgup,pgdw in terminfo for xtermClosed2010-10-26

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Updated by Gary Mills over 12 years ago

Here's one that replaces the standard xterm terminfo to
provide colour support in gnome-terminal. I've been using
it with Solaris 9 and 10 for several years. I took pains to
ensure that it's compatible with those systems.

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Are there any showstoppers/problems for this to be resolved? I'd really love to see sun-color changes go into the tree :-)

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294 ONNV terminal definitions are old and crufty
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