Bug #3102

vdev_uberblock_load() and vdev_validate() may read the wrong label

Added by Christopher Siden over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Category:zfs - Zettabyte File System
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While running 'ztest' we occasionally hit failures that look like this:

Executing zdb -bccsv -U /tank/fs/ztest/zpool.cache ztest
zdb: can't open 'ztest': No such device or address
ztest: '/net/illumos/data/gwilson/dlpx-reguid/proto/root_i386/usr/sbin/i86/zdb
-bccsv -U /tank/fs/ztest/zpool.cache ztest' exit code 1

This happens when we find the best uberblock is on label 0 (updated in txg - 2) but the config associated with label 0 was updated in txg - 1. So the config is newer than the uberblock which should make it invalid but instead we end up using it, causing strange failure conditions.


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changeset: 13777:b1e53580146d
user: George Wilson <>
date: Wed Aug 22 08:03:38 2012 -0700
3090 vdev_reopen() during reguid causes vdev to be treated as corrupt
3102 vdev_uberblock_load() and vdev_validate() may read the wrong label
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Reviewed by: Christopher Siden <>
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