Bug #3263

link.h should work in a largefile environment

Added by Rich Lowe over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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It would help me a lot if link.h could be used in a largefile environment, even if this is to the exclusion of certain interfaces that are necessarily largefile incapable.

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Resolved in 4d1bea1

#3 Updated by Igor Pashev over 5 years ago

The common problem of illumos sources is mixing macro and structure definitions with functions. Examples are sys/nvpair.h, sys/avl.h and many others. link.h is one of such headers.

AFAIK functions defined in link.h (and using ELF structures from libelf) are implemented in libld, liblddbg and maybe others (!).

From my point the proper solution is to split link.h into libld.h, libdldbg.h etc.

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