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OpenIndiana 151a7 not playing Audio CDs

Added by r a about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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When I insert a DVD the icon appears on the desktop and I can select SMPlayer or VLC to play the DVD without any problem. Checking with "df -k" the DVD is mounted under /media/DVD

When I insert an Audio CD, the icon appears on the desktop and can select SMPlayer or VLC to play the disk but it does not play.
If I select the Audio Disc icon and right click and select Open, the following error message is displayed.

"Sound Juicer could not use the CD-ROM device '/dev/rdsk/c4t0d0s2'
HAL daemon may not be running"

Checking with "df -k" the audio disc is not listed under /media



Updated by Milan Jurik about 7 years ago

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Audio CD is not mounted under /media

Could you check with rhythmbox if it is issue on Sound Juicer side?


Updated by r a about 7 years ago

Installed Rhythmbox, this detected the Audio Cd and the tracks. However when I attempted to play any track, Rhythmbox appeared to be playing the CD (there was a plenty of disk activity judging by the drive light) but there was no sound. The sound is working okay because DVDs play back normally.
I am still not able to browse an Audio CD and select a track to play from within VLC, nor select Open Disc and then select an Audio CD for playing an entire CD.


Updated by Ken Mays almost 7 years ago

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You usually check /cdrom. Doing 'pfexec eject cd' in a console usually ejects the audio CD in a term window if the apps won't do it properly or a process is holding it (try 'ps -ef' to find and kill that process). SoundJuicer usually will play if HAL is running or try: 'gst-launch cdda://<audio track>' at a terminal window.

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