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ACPI errors on HP workstation

Added by Oliver H. Weiergraeber over 9 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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on my HP xw8600 workstation running oi_151a7, the kernel logs ACPI errors during bootup (see attached file).
I have also observed these errors on older OI releases, as well as on Solaris11 - and on Linux.
A web search reveals that the problem is quite well-known (a least to Linux users) mainly for HP machines since the HP BIOS has certain "features" which recent acpi implementations do not like.
These messages - as reported by Solaris/OI - look quite alarming, and suggest there might be a significant problem.

For additional information, my Redhat bug report may be useful


acpi_errors.txt (5.8 KB) acpi_errors.txt extract from /var/adm/messages containing ACPI errors Oliver H. Weiergraeber, 2012-11-16 10:11 PM
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Updated by Anonymous over 9 years ago

Looking into the changelog at brings up this statement:

12 January 2011. Summary of changes for version 20110112:

1) ACPI CA Core Subsystem:


Fixed several issues and a possible fault with the automatic "serialized"
method support. History: This support changes a method to "serialized" on
fly if the method generates an AE_ALREADY_EXISTS error, indicating the
possibility that it cannot handle reentrancy. This fix repairs a couple of
issues seen in the field, especially on machines with many cores:

1) Delete method children only upon the exit of the last thread,
so as to not delete objects out from under other running threads
(and possibly causing a fault.)
2) Set the "serialized" bit for the method only upon the exit of the
Last thread, so as to not cause deadlock when running threads
attempt to exit.
3) Cleanup the use of the AML "MethodFlags" and internal method flags
so that there is no longer any confusion between the two.
Lin Ming, Bob Moore. Reported by .

Does this mean that the message simply indicates the desired behavior, i.e. no further issues are to be expected?
If this is true, I think it would be advisable to change the appearance (and default verbosity!) of the message (** Exception ... together with the extensive listing of variables and arguments); in the current version it looks rather intimidating to the administrator - more like a crash or something.

Cheers and Merry Christmas

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Updated by Oliver H. Weiergraeber over 9 years ago

In an attempt to fix the point in time when this problem first appeared, I tried several OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana releases (didn't perform complete installations - just booted the live images and inspected /var/adm/messages).
Interestingly, the last official OpenSolaris release from SUN (2009.06) works just fine on this machine; the ACPI errors first appeared with build 134 (available 2010).

So it must be a change in the ACPI version between these two releases...

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I confirmed this with HP awhile ago.

1. acpi=off in grub.conf

This allows the workstation BIOS setup to boot without fuss.


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