Bug #3433

graph.c: set_dependencies() failed with unexpected error 131. Aborting.

Added by L Hanson about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I was working on installing OpenIndiana (on hardware, not in a VM). I made a live-usb drive, and it booted nicely to the desktop. I opened the Device Driver Utility; it found devices I expected it to and said I didn't need any extra drivers. Then, I spent 15-20min doing something else and not touching that computer.

At this point, OpenIndiana spontaneously crashed: the desktop disappeared and was replaced with an error message in a terminal. That's the first attached screenshot. I think the install documentation said something about "jack" being an account login, so I tried that and it didn't work.

I tried restarting, and it landed straight at the same error message without booting to the desktop or anything. I then restarted and booted from the hard drive (to Xubuntu) and then restarted again, booting from the OpenIndiana live-usb. This got me back to the desktop, as it did the first time I booted from the live-usb. I then opened the Device Driver Utility again, and left it alone to see if the crash would happen again. It did. I did not get a picture of it quickly enough, and it had some other error while sitting at the first error message -- and rebooted itself. The second screenshot is of the error message screen it showed when it finished rebooting.

Every time, the last line of the error message has been "graph.c:3088: set_dependencies() failed with unexpected error 131. Aborting.".


oi-bug-1.jpg (675 KB) oi-bug-1.jpg first crash screen L Hanson, 2012-12-28 06:21 PM
oi-bug-2.jpg (675 KB) oi-bug-2.jpg second crash screen (post spontaneous reboot) L Hanson, 2012-12-28 06:23 PM

Updated by L Hanson about 8 years ago

I tried to attach both screen shots when I created the bug report, but I got an "413 Request Entity Too Large" when I clicked Create.
Attached is the second screen pic.

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