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GParted crashed while applying changes

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I had OpenIndiana running from a live usb drive. I opened GParted from the desktop, and set about editing the partitions. This partition table was created by the Xubuntu installer, and edited (to create Partition 4) by the FreeBSD installer.

The hard drive had an msdos partition table, with three primary partitions, plus one logical partition in the extended. They are arranged on disk as 1 (ext2, 500mb), 3 (ext2, 20GB), 2 (extended parition, 1.9GB), 4 ("unknown" (FreeBSD), 21GB), and then 185GB unformated/unclaimed. Partition 5 is the linux-swap partition inside 2.

From my memory, the edits I set it to make were:
  1. Delete Partition 4
  2. Resize Partition 2 to end 0MB from the end of the drive
  3. Move Partition 5 down by 22000MB.
  4. Move/Resize Partition 2 to start 22002MB down.
  5. Create a 20GB unformated partition directly after the linux-swap partition, and label it "openindiana".

When I clicked the apply button, it came up with pop-up with two loading/progress bars and appeared to be making I guess normal progress for about 10 seconds. Long enough for me to have second thoughts about messing with partitions from OpenIndiana instead of Xubuntu. And then it crashed.

By which I mean:
  1. Both of GParted's windows disappeared (the loading-bars one and the normal displaying-partitions one)
  2. I moved the mouse down to the lower panel, and clicked on the edge, and both the bottom and top panels disappeared. At this point, I had the desktop with three icons on it.
  3. I double-clicked GParted's icon. There was a white-and-gray rectangle (same size as GParted's window normally is), and then it disappeared.
  4. Then my cursor stopped moving.

I shut it down, and rebooted in to Xubuntu. As far as I could tell from GParted there, OI had managed to delete the FreeBSD partition and not do anything else. I did the remaining edits from Xubuntu, which went smoothly.

When I rebooted into OpenIndiana, the GParted there could not see any partitions. It claimed that my hard drive was partition-less and unformatted. This is the same thing it did when I had a GPT partition table.

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