Bug #3474

tar should support -C on extract

Added by Joshua Clulow about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Category:cmd - userland programs
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Currently our tar supports a -C on creation and a few other operations, but does not support -C on extract like GNU and OS X tar do. The desired behaviour is for -C to chdir(2) to the nominated directory after opening the archive, but before extracting files.

Use cases include: Richard Lowe.

NB: This RFE mirrors Joyent's OS-1626.


#2 Updated by Igor Pashev about 6 years ago

GNU tar allows multiple -C and uses the lastest one.

#3 Updated by Robert Mustacchi about 6 years ago

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Resolved in c92bf99ee60c0b1fe1289fef2b4034126c7867a5.

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