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would like an open ipmi baseboard driver

Added by Rich Lowe almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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The Solaris bmc(7D) baseboard management driver is closed and not redistributable. An open source replacement would be great to have.

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Updated by Garrett D'Amore almost 13 years ago

The bmc code, btw, is horribly, terribly broken at Oracle. I've seen the code, and its very fragile due to misuse of STREAMS.

The best solution here is to import the de facto standard openipmi code.

Note that there are private interfaces in bmc, used with certain Sun gear and applications, which we need not support.

The challenge therefore, isn't nearly as large as you might otherwise expect.

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Updated by Jim Klimov over 11 years ago

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Just a note: I've recently brought up the issue on the "userland" mailing list ("OI and BMC (HW watchdog)" at , and I was told that there is a solution (at least in the works), quote:

...Joyent has already ported openipmi from BSD, take a look at:
and more related commits out there.

Also in the thread I and Richard Elling agreed that the best path would be to have this work (when completed?) get accepted in the illumos-gate and then available to all distros.

I guess the packaged "bmc-watchdog" program (et al from FreeIPMI package) would have to learn to use that driver name (by default?) as well... Or should the driver "listen" at /dev/bmc as well?

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Updated by Rich Ercolani over 11 years ago

+1 for this landing upstream - I just grabbed the IllumOS source and cherry-picked the Joyent IPMI commits for precisely this reason.

It'd be really nice for this to land...

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Updated by Rich Lowe about 11 years ago

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I'll be integrating Jerry's port of the FreeBSD ipmi driver from smartos

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Updated by Rich Lowe almost 11 years ago

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Resolved in r13848 commit:440c93ffaf29


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