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reproducible iscsi login crash

Added by Markus Kovero over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Hi! I was able to reproduce crash on latest OI (oi_151a7) by doing login to local iscsi target (provided by comstar).

Command issued to trigger the crash:
/usr/sbin/iscsiadm add static-config iqn.2003-03.nn:1:01c1e50c-b46e-4354-a18d-8c8bc423c1ec,10.200.x.x:3260
(sometimes two - three tries required before actually being able to trigger the issue)

Target is being local on same server, LUN exposed from zfs, also tried without LUN and was not able to trigger the crash.
Note high amount of SD-devices on the system and high number of iSCSI targets (>256)

Thanks for any assistance and here you can have kernel dump file to look into, I'm willing to provide any more details needed.


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Priority urgent seems scary, although it's pretty urgent for me bat signal is not required. thanks (:

Also snippet from dump can be found from:

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