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Add sfxge support

Added by Rich Ercolani over 7 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Figured I should list this, since I've been sitting on it.

Solarflare is a nice proprietor of 10GbE NICs, with support for (among other things) Oracle Solaris.

After some inquiring when their closed driver stopped working on Illumos, they kindly have released source under CDDL.

I even have it nicely merged into HEAD, I just need to share a webrev, which I'll do shortly, then it'll be time to play the RTI game.


Updated by Robert Mustacchi over 7 years ago

That's great news. If you need help with getting it into the tree and the like, let me know.


Updated by Garrett D'Amore about 5 years ago

  • Subject changed from Add sfxge support to Illumos to Add sfxge support
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I've got a new version of this driver that includes support for the latest version of their chips based on the SFC 9000 family. I'm working closely with Solarflare on this, and have received numerous updates from them. More soon.


Updated by Electric Monk almost 5 years ago

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git commit 745b765eb2b05517d6f4bc943c063eccb2e9a2a1

commit  745b765eb2b05517d6f4bc943c063eccb2e9a2a1
Author: Garrett D'Amore <>
Date:   2016-03-22T17:54:17.000Z

    4057 Add sfxge support
    Contributed by Solarflare
    Reviewed by: TBD
    Approved by: TBD


Updated by Garrett D'Amore almost 5 years ago

  • Status changed from Closed to In Progress
  • Difficulty changed from Medium to Expert

This should never have been "closed". I accidentally created a branch on illumos-gate, which closed this bug. That's two errors -- one on my part for creating the branch, but the other in the automatic closing of the bug which was not integrated to master.

I'll be filing an RTI for this work soon, properly.


Updated by Electric Monk almost 5 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed

git commit 49ef7e0638c8b771d8a136eae78b1c0f99acc8e0

commit  49ef7e0638c8b771d8a136eae78b1c0f99acc8e0
Author: Garrett D'Amore <>
Date:   2016-05-20T17:38:28.000Z

    4057 Add sfxge support
    Contributed by: Solarflare Communications Inc.
    Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <>
    Reviewed by: Andrew Rybchenko <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


Updated by Electric Monk almost 5 years ago

git commit 64d07b7cd791cb277b72edd9f8c4373ca6477850

commit  64d07b7cd791cb277b72edd9f8c4373ca6477850
Author: Garrett D'Amore <>
Date:   2016-05-21T00:28:12.000Z

    4057 Add sfxge support (fix Makefile typo)


Updated by Electric Monk almost 5 years ago

git commit 06cf6f102162a50c50c11c1579390fe873da5509

commit  06cf6f102162a50c50c11c1579390fe873da5509
Author: Garrett D'Amore <>
Date:   2016-05-24T21:21:09.000Z

    4057 Add sfxge support (don't deliver sparc)

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