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beep command needed

Added by Samuel Younge about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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It would be nice to have a way to script an audible alert.
GNU system normally use the beep command for this.

As it is one must continually look to see if custom scripts have finished processing.


Updated by Gary Mills about 10 years ago

`tput bel' works.


Updated by Garrett D'Amore about 10 years ago

There are multiple ways to do this:

a) echo CTRL-G on a console terminal

b) audioplay <some file> pick any .wav

I really don't think a separate beep command is needed. audioplay should be adequate all by itself... note that a number of possible audio files live in /usr/demo/SOUND/sounds/

I'm half inclined to just reject this out of hand, but if someone really thinks that an actual beep command is needed, we can provide one easily enough.


Updated by Damian Wojslaw about 10 years ago

It may simplify porting scripts from Linuxes.


Updated by Matt Lewandowsky about 10 years ago

I really really really see no need for this to be in Illumos proper. If a distro wishes to include a beep command, I recommend the following (based upon the above):

tput bel

Yes, it spawns a new shell and forks. But it will still be faster than needed for any use case that comes to mind. I agree with rejection. :) There is nothing wrong with a simple script to do a simple thing, if it does it "good enough". And if a distro does not agree, there is no one stopping them from writing a quickie program in C to do it. I think "make the terminal beep" was one of the first things I learnt years ago, in fact...

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