Bug #4174

Torch the old and unmaintained Sun-dhcp

Added by Bart Coddens over 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The Sun dhcp server is part of ON. I would like to move this to illumos-userland


Updated by Andrew Stormont almost 7 years ago

I think illumos-userland is dead. Do we even need to keep the Sun dhcp server?


Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 6 years ago

If we yank it out of here, we should probably stick it into its own repo. I might spend a bit of effort setting that up. Basically, one imagines that illumos could have more repos than just illumos-gate, to handle the things that we eject from illumos-gate. Those things could use the same build infrastructure, but be very much smaller.

This is far from the only thing I'd like to punt out of tree. (Printing anyone? :-)


Updated by Electric Monk about 6 years ago

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git commit 786d1eec1cd1cac7e26243d118cd209e84bc6bb9

commit  786d1eec1cd1cac7e26243d118cd209e84bc6bb9
Author: Bart Coddens <>
Date:   2014-11-04T20:33:26.000Z

    4174 Torch the old and unmaintained Sun-dhcp
    Reviewed by: Josef Sipek <>
    Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


Updated by Richard PALO about 6 years ago

any reason these were left in the gate?

    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/com/sun/dhcpmgr/ui/back.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/com/sun/dhcpmgr/ui/down.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/com/sun/dhcpmgr/ui/next.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/com/sun/dhcpmgr/ui/up.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/bannersmc.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/dot1.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/dot2.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/folder.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/macro2.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/macroflow.gif
    deleted:    cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sadm/dhcpmgr/help/art/tip2.gif

Updated by Richard PALO about 6 years ago

Some more files needing attention (not deletion)?

richard@omnis:/home/richard/src/illumos-gate$ git grep dhcpmgr
exception_lists/interface_check:NOVERDEF        ^usr/sadm/admin/dhcpmgr/dhcpmgr\\\\.so\\\\.1$
usr/src/lib/libdhcputil/README.inittab:in core Solaris (in.dhcpd, dhcpinfo, snoop, and dhcpmgr), the
usr/src/lib/libdhcputil/README.inittab:       `m' for dhcpmgr).
usr/src/lib/libdhcputil/README.inittab:option are dhcpinfo, snoop, in.dhcpd and dhcpmgr.
usr/src/lib/libsecdb/auth_attr.txt:solaris.dhcpmgr.:::DHCP Service Management::help=DhcpmgrHeader.html
usr/src/lib/libsecdb/auth_attr.txt:solaris.dhcpmgr.write:::Modify DHCP Service Configuration::help=DhcpmgrWrite.html
usr/src/lib/libsecdb/prof_attr.txt:DHCP Management:::Manage the DHCP service:auths=solaris.dhcpmgr.*;help=RtDHCPMngmnt.html
usr/src/pkg/manifests/ fmri=pkg:/network/dhcp/dhcpmgr@0.5.11,5.11-0.133 type=require
usr/src/pkg/manifests/ name=pkg.fmri value=pkg:/network/dhcp/dhcpmgr@$(PKGVERS)
usr/src/pkg/transforms/defaults:<transform file path=usr/share/lib/locale/com/sun/dhcpmgr/.+\\\\.properties -> default mode 0644>
usr/src/pkg/transforms/defaults:<transform file path=usr/share/lib/locale/com/sun/dhcpmgr/.+ -> default mode 0444>

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