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Request WPA2 for wireless NIC

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I have an Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300,
My Airport Extreme requires WPA2 to let client's speed go over 54Mbit/s.

Thanks in advance.


Updated by Ken Mays over 7 years ago


Enrico Papi (enricop at wrote - 'I confirm that the current net80211 module and libdlwlan library often have an
authentication timeout problem during the wpa2 4way handshake. This happens for both pure wpa2 AP and wpa/wpa2 AP.
It is not a problem of the kernel that supports AES_CCM cypher and not of wpad daemon, but in how libdlwlan and wpa driver interface manage the association process. In other cases it can be a device driver issue but i think this is not your case.

In general this problem is solved in the wpa_enterprise GSoC project repo.
This, i think, will be integrated in Illumos, not before October.
Let me know if you want to try an build the development bits.

Regarding support for High Throughput rates:
while the device driver might correctly advertise the speed rate to your AP,
libdlwlan will not show speed rates higher than 54mb. Also net80211 module might lack of full support for these rates.

However if dhcp works you are associated with the AP,
but you probably receive a deauth frame as soon as you get the IP.
I would try with dladm if you are not using this yet and be
sure the psk passed to wpad is correct (dladm show-secobj -o all).'


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Hi, Ken.
Yes, I want to have a try.
But could you please give me some HOWTOs.
And the next is going to learn writing drivers for Illumos.

The driver in my laptop is iwp which is not listed in Enricop's wiki.
Maybe it is the case of device drive issue.


Updated by WarGrey Ju over 7 years ago

dladm works properly.
scp and zfs send/recv in LAN are too slow, only less than 2MB/s.


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