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Extra spaces in man pages

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There is an extra space between the left parenthesis and XDR here in the xdr_admin(3nsl) man page:

     See rpc(3NSL) for the definition of the XDR data  structure.
     Note  that  any  buffers  passed to the XDR routines must be
     properly aligned.  It is suggested either that malloc(3C) be
     used  to  allocate  these  buffers,  or  that the programmer
     insure  that the buffer address is divisible evenly by four.

     #include <rpc/xdr.h>

     bool_t xdr_control( XDR *xdrs, int req, void *info);

Extra space at the beginning of the paragraph here in tcp(7p) man page:

      If an application does not want  to  allow  another  socket
     using  the  SO_REUSEADDR option to bind to a port its socket
     is bound to, the application can set the socket level option
     SO_EXCLBIND  on  a socket. The option values of 0 and 1 mean
     enabling and disabling the option respectively.   Once  this
     option  is enabled on a socket, no other socket can be bound
     to the same port.

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One more extra space in share_nfs(1m) man page before AUTH_SYS here:


             Only  root  users  from  the  hosts   specified   in
             access_list   have  root  access.   See  access_list
             below. By default, no host has root access, so  root
             users  are  mapped  to an anonymous user ID (see the
             anon=uid option described above). Netgroups  can  be
             used if the file system shared is using UNIX authen-
             tication ( AUTH_SYS).

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4398 Extra spaces in man pages
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