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Bugtracker has no (easy to access) bug dependicies...

Added by Roland Mainz over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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[As discussed on IRC]
The current bugtracker has no easy way to handle bug dependicies. What I need to organise my work are:
- Define "see also" bugs to give references to bugs
- Being able to mark a bug as "duplicate" and closing it in one step. All bugtrackers I knew (e.g. "Perforce", "Bugster", "BugZilla" etc) before this one ("Redmine") had that functionnality

Both functionbalities should be available for all users by default.

P.S.: Marking "priority" as "Immediate", as per IRC discussion the bugtracker is basically unuseable without this.


#1 Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 7 years ago

  • Priority changed from Immediate to Normal

Many of us are using redmine already. Immediate is for P1 drop everything and fix it right now. That's not this case. Please do not raise bug priorities unreasonably.

#2 Updated by Matt Lewandowsky over 7 years ago

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This is tracked also in site bug #466. (As I was unaware of this bug prior, and I can't set this as a dependency of site bug #206 anyhow due to this bug.) Closing.

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