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WARNING: kb8042: inconsistent getinfo(9E) implementation

Added by Josef Sipek over 9 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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DEBUG builds spit out the above on Thinkpad T520.


prtconf (27.6 KB) prtconf Josef Sipek, 2014-05-05 02:51 PM

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Is duplicate of illumos gate - Bug #1128: WARNING: kb8042: inconsistent getinfo(9E) implementationClosedToomas Soome2011-06-19

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Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 9 years ago

Please include the contents of "prtconf -vp" and "grep kb8042 /etc/path_to_inst"

The kb8042 driver assumes there is only a single instance, residing at instance 0. That's probably a bad path. (Notably, if you have a disk from another install, or possibly a dock, it might not be the case that the current i8042 nexus is at the same path as the system saw previously. It would be interesting to know if you're seeing a case with more than one i8042 nexus.)

I suspect there is a trivial fix for this in kb8042_getinfo(), but this is probably rather harmless since the getinfo() calls only come into play for dynamic reconfiguration -- and you're unlikely to be able to use DR to detach the i8042 nexus where the kb8042 device lives. Especially on a laptop.

My gut instinct is that you probably moved this disk from a previous installation, or possibly changed some BIOS configuration which caused the 8042 nexus to appear in a different place (enabled legacy emulation for USB perhaps?)

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Updated by Josef Sipek over 9 years ago

Since I don't have a debug build BE handy, here's info from a non-debug build (very similar version)...

This was fresh install back in August. I did play with some BIOS settings a couple of months ago trying to get cpr working, but ultimately gave up (it panics on resume). I think I put back all the BIOS settings. I did start using a dock about a month and a half ago. I'll check what prtconf has to say without the dock later (hopefully today).

$ grep kb8042 /etc/path_to_inst
"/pci@0,0/isa@1/i8042@1,60/keyboard@0" 0 "kb8042" 
"/pci@0,0/isa@1f/i8042@1,60/keyboard@0" 1 "kb8042" 

Based on the (attached) prtconf, it looks like instance 1 is in use.

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