Bug #4989

removal of ntfsprogs and parted

Added by Bart Coddens almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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These are not longer needed and shouldn't be in the gate.

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Updated by Jean-Pierre André almost 6 years ago

FYI ntfsprogs was merged into ntfs-3g a few years ago. The latest version (source and packages for OI) is available on


Updated by Bart Coddens almost 6 years ago

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Updated by Nikola M. almost 6 years ago

Why would you want to remove parted?
Isn't that is what Gparted depend on, I would not like to see it not working.

As I see, only ntfs in ntfs-3g in OI /sfe publisher and if does not have ntfsprogs integrated, that would break current functionality for everyone using ntfs.
Could you update ntfs-3g in OI /sfe first and then make changes to ntfsprogs, to avoid breakage in current ntfs users in OI e.g. avoid having their life with more misery, that goes to parted, too.
I don't think that going to external site is advisable if it can be available inside distro. At leaste I have ntfs and Gparted and they are working.

If changes lead to ntfsprogs and/or ntfs-3g and Gparted/parted not working/not updated, then they should not be done.


Updated by Electric Monk almost 6 years ago

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git commit 5e3f545c431ec4bce3e1b52f3f81bc9befe501f2

commit  5e3f545c431ec4bce3e1b52f3f81bc9befe501f2
Author: Bart Coddens <>
Date:   2014-08-15T20:08:14.000Z

    4989 removal of ntfsprogs and parted
    Reviewed by: Josef Sipek <>
    Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <>
    Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <>


Updated by Garrett D'Amore almost 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from removal of ntfsprogs and parted to removal of ntfsprogs and parted

Updated by Yuri Pankov almost 6 years ago

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Is usr/src/lib/libparted/AUTHORS.txt supposed to remain with this integrated?


Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 5 years ago

Also there is a THIRDPARTYLICENSE file that should be removed in the same directory.


Updated by Electric Monk over 5 years ago

git commit 2f3e88a2ae884dfc1a740509fcb6f469cc3b115c

commit  2f3e88a2ae884dfc1a740509fcb6f469cc3b115c
Author: Richard Lowe <>
Date:   2014-10-31T03:20:21.000Z

    4989 removal of ntfsprogs and parted (missed files)

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