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need an open source sed(1) replacement

Added by Garrett D'Amore over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Both xpg4 sed and /usr/bin/sed are closed source.

We need a replacement for them.

Notable differences (documented) between the two closed versions:

"l" has more rigorous output for pattern processing in xpg4 sed.
xpg4 sed handles multibyte characters properly (as long as they don't have embedded NULLs!)

That's it!

I think we can reasonably eliminate the legacy sed with a POSIX compliant sed.


#1 Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 7 years ago

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This was integrated last night with:

changeset: 13257:d3807abc6720
user: Garrett D'Amore <>
date: Wed Dec 15 17:12:35 2010 -0800
508 od doesn't set text domain
509 need an open source sed(1) replacement
516 libc regex misses \< and \> word delimiters
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#2 Updated by Yuri Pankov over 7 years ago

Small issue here - usage() is missing \n at the end:

yuri@illumos:~$ /usr/bin/sed -i
/usr/bin/sed: option requires an argument -- i
usage: sed script [-Ealn] [-i extension] [file ...]
       sed [-Ealn] [-i extension] [-e script] ... [-f script_file] ... [file ...]yuri@illumos:~$

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