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hat_getkpfnum needs to be removed

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From the code:

39  * PSARC 2004/405 made hat_getkpfnum(9F) obsolete. As part of the
40 * obsolecense, the original documented behavior will begin to be
41 * enforced in the future; namely, hat_getkpfnum(9F) may only
42 * be called with device-mapped memory virtual addresses. Since
43 * changing hat_getkpfnum(9F) to return PFN_INVALID on kernel memory
44 * would break a lot of modules without any warning, we've implemented
45 * the following mechanism as a stop-gap. In a future release, this
46 * can all be ripped out and hat_getkpfnum(9F) changed to return
47 * PFN_INVALID if it isn't called with a device-mapped memory address.

This has been this way for a long time now, and illumos is a logical time to go ahead and yank any references to this legacy API. In particular, this API has never been supported for 64-bit mode kernels.


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536 hat_getkpfnum needs to be removed
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