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Installer fails to recognize LSI 9211 firmware greater than r18

Added by Warren V about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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When installing OmniOS r151012, controller recognition fails for LSI 9211 cards using r19 and r20 controller firmware. Controllers using r18 are recognized correctly. This issue manifests as "unrecognized device" or "unrecognized drive" errors during installation drive detection, and can hang the installation process.

Workaround was to pull the controller cards in question during installation (to a usb flash drive), then replace them after installation. The cards (and their hosted drives) are recognized correctly by the installed OS.

Downgrading the firmware to r18 also worked, but is not a long-term solution. I'm not sure if this affects other LSI products using updated firmware.

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Updated by Dan McDonald about 9 years ago

We've been hearing reports of general problems with mpt_sas FW > 18.

I also wonder, maybe, if #5017 (not in r151012, BTW) may cure this problem as well?

In the meantime, please check your BIOS to see if you have 64-bit DMA enabled (may be called "4G limit" or something).

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Updated by Warren V about 9 years ago

Mainboard is a Supermicro X10SLM-F.

Above 4G decode was disabled during installation. It's the BIOS default to have it disabled.
I didn't see any change in the LSI boot process during POST with >4G decode enabled. It seems to have triggered some PCI device reordering? Could be a coincidence.

I'll see if it changes the install behavior.

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Updated by Warren V about 9 years ago

Now I'm getting "Unsupported 64 bit prefetch memory on PCI-PCI bridge [0/1/1]" at boot time with >4G enabled. The message (and boot slowness) disappears when >4G is disabled.

From: mentions a limitation with devices mapping memory above 4G. Apparently this is a known issue. I see why you suggested it.

The "reordering" problem was just the "Lynx Point lose your USB chipset after soft reboot" bug.

I've also noted that if BIOS/OS boot is disabled in the LSI BIOS, the card will not be found by the installer. It will be found by the installed OS, however.

I've been unable to locate a changelog for the LSI firmware releases, and the references I have found pointing the Illumos/OmniOS mpt driver being the best open-source option.

Apparently, in order to get Solaris 11 to work on ESXi with device passthrough enabled, you need to replace the Oracle driver with the open source one:

So it seems that there is something specific in how the mpt driver is/is not implemented in the installer process.

I'm making these notes here in order to help others through installation troubles. This would probably make a good install note, even if the installer is not updated.


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