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Can not log in after update to OI b148

Added by Henrik Karlsson about 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I just updated my Open Indiana machine from b147 to b148. After a reboot I can not login with my usual user or even root. I tried both the graphical login screen and remote login with ssh.

If I boot up my b147 enviroment the login works as it should.


Updated by Albert Lee about 10 years ago

Is the password rejected?
At the GRUB menu, press 'e' to edit the GRUB entry for oi_148. Highlight and delete the splashimage line with 'd', and press 'e' to edit the kernel line. Remove ,console=graphics and append -s to the end of the line. Then press 'b' to boot. You will be prompted for a username and password. Try your username as well as root, and copy down any error messages.


Updated by Henrik Karlsson about 10 years ago

This is what happens when I try single user mode without splashimage: ***
WARNING: cpu0: failed to update microcode from version 0x0 to 0xa07

OpenIndiana Build oi_148 64
[Copyright message etc]

Enter user name for system maintenance (control-d to bypass): henrik
Enter henrik password (control-d to bypass): [my password]
Login incorrect or user henrik not authorized

Enter user name for system maintenance (control-d to bypass): root
Enter root password (control-d to bypass): [root]
Login incorrect or user root not authorized

This is a virtual machine using VirtualBox.


Updated by Albert Lee almost 10 years ago

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I have no suggestions other than to remove the 148 boot environment and retry the update process to confirm this was a direct result of the update.


Updated by Julian Wiesener over 9 years ago

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what you need here is a User with the root role associated, see /etc/user_attr. If you did an update try again and the problem persists, please check if you have an user with root role and try to login with it.

Also make sure that the password is not affected by not affected by a broken keymap, check if characters are inserted corretly by typing som characters as username.


Updated by Henrik Karlsson over 9 years ago

You can close this bug. The computer that had this problem is no more...


Updated by Julian Wiesener over 9 years ago

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