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Hipster 2015 x264 libraries

Added by r a about 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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After upgrading to Hipster 2015, I found that vlc installed from the repository which previous worked was unable to display video and complained that x264 support was missing.

$ pkg info vlc
Name: media/vlc
Summary: vlc - multimedia player and streaming server
Category: Applications/Sound and Video
State: Installed
Publisher: localhostoi151a8
Version: 2.1.5
Packaging Date: 10 January 2015 17:37:32
Size: 15.69 MB
FMRI: pkg::20150110T173732Z

VLC reports the following errors on the CLI
$ vlc WD_1978.mp4
VLC media player 2.1.5 Rincewind (revision 2.1.4-49-gdab6cb5)
[817a090] main demux meta error: corrupt module: /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/lua/
[817a270] main interface error: no suitable interface module
[808de58] main libvlc error: interface "globalhotkeys,none" initialization failed
[808de58] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface.
Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: ( vlc: fatal: icui18n: open failed: No such file or directory)"
[8f4fe58] main generic error: corrupt module: /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/lua/
[817a450] qt4 interface error: Unable to load extensions module
[92f7258] main decoder error: no suitable decoder module for fourcc `h264'. VLC probably does not support this sound or video format.
[8f32380] main demux meta error: corrupt module: /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/lua/

VLC is able to play the audio only


Updated by Ken Mays about 6 years ago

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pfexec pkg install ,5.11-2014.1.3.2:20141212T070436Z


Updated by r a about 6 years ago

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I tried to apply the update

  1. pkg install ,5.11-2014.1.3.2:20141212T070436Z
    No updates necessary for this image.

VLC will still play the audio from an mp4 but will not display any video because x264 is missing


Updated by Alexander Pyhalov about 6 years ago

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We need to provide our own repository with encumbered software. sfe-encumbered has less and less chances to work on Hipster.


Updated by Ken Mays about 6 years ago

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Updated by Aurélien Larcher over 5 years ago

x264 libraries are now provided by hipster-encumbered so this can be closed.


Updated by Alexander Pyhalov about 5 years ago

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