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mailman integration with redmine forums

Added by Piotr Jasiukajtis over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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It would be nice if we have redmine forums integrated with mailman in the same way jive forum is integrated with


Updated by Andre van Eyssen over 10 years ago

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This is a really, really messy integration. I had a look around and the solutions seem to be a bit crazy, especially for bi-directional sync between forums and mail.

In addition, gating web forums to mailing lists has traditionally had some signal-to-noise impacts for the lists.

I will run this issue past the admin-council as I think it requires a consultative approach.


Updated by Andre van Eyssen over 10 years ago

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Posed to admin-council.


Updated by Andre van Eyssen about 10 years ago

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It's just too ugly to try to wire redmine and mailman together. It's not going to work. There's not enough payoff to even really get into it. The better solution would be to terminate the redmine forums entirely and plug-in a web forum that can work with an NNTP server fuelled by the mailman<>NNTP gateway - but the lists seem to be really sorting everyone out anyway.

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