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Hipster Regression: GNOME shutdown offers Suspend with nVidia driver

Added by Geoff Weiss over 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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The nVidia driver is not compatible with OI/Hipster suspend/restore. On an up-to-date Hipster system, GNOME's Shutdown dialog box (select System and choose the "Shut Down" menu item) offers Suspend as an option. Before JDS was getting updated to 2.32, the shutdown dialog box did not offer Suspend.

This also affect the GNOME Power Management. When the laptop lid closes, the system suspends by default instead of not suspending. The work-around for this is to manually change the power management preference "When laptop lid is closed" to "Blank screen".

If the system suspends, it will not restore.

Actions #1

Updated by Nikola M. over 8 years ago

Suspend/restore used to work on Hipster, before August 2014 but not after (not able to pinpoint date due to Hipster missing release numbers for updates).

It is important to point at least illumos version of Hipster where bug started appearing (uname -a) of BE date (beadm list) to pinpoint date when bug is reported.

Actions #2

Updated by Geoff Weiss over 8 years ago

This system was built new from the March 20, 2015 test Hipster slim installer. Packages were up-to-date at the time the ticket was opened. The original disk was pulled and saved, but has a version of Hipster from late 2013 (power management and the shutdown dialog correctly did not offer suspend as an option).

No BE's exist in the time frame Nikola requests.

Actions #3

Updated by Nikola M. over 8 years ago

Suspend in Openindiana Hipster, worked for me with Intel driver near March/April 2014,
so having "Suspend" button is not a problem.
problems are illumos/Hipster changes after that time that disabled standby from regularly working.

Additioinally, it is the question if it also has something to do with Nvidia drivers, because it behaved the same with intel driver.

Actions #4

Updated by Geoff Weiss over 8 years ago

Reported behavior is expected for Intel driver, not nVidia driver. The non-Oracle nVidia driver does not have quiesce() support.

Actions #5

Updated by Nikola M. almost 8 years ago

I suggest bug be reported to Nvidia
so it can take into account that Nvidia driver is used en large on Openindiana /dev and Openidnaiana Hipster.
Also few days ago nvidia driver got updated in OI Hipster
so there is an effort by Alp to make things current.
I just suggest it is both illumos bug and Openindiana Hipster bug and Nvidia driver bug, with suspend/resume, because suspend/resume used to work on me on Intel graphics on hipster untill spring 2014.
Workarund could be to put info on Wiki about Nvidia driver to disable suspend in settings if using Nvidia driver.
I think that Suspend button should be there because I used to use it and I like it (even it is now broken in OI Hipster)

Actions #6

Updated by Aurélien Larcher almost 8 years ago

I guess your first best bet is to check if all the patches from JDS have made their way to oi-userland.
At least gnome-power-manager seems to have them.

If something worked and does not anymore, I do not a have better idea than bisecting.


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