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avl_add doesn't assert on non-debug builds

Added by Josef Sipek over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Long story short, avl_add's use of ASSERT(0) can cause really strange looking crashes on non-debug builds of because ASSERTs turn into no-ops.

We've seen a box where zpool import segfaulted repeatedly. In all cases, the stacktrace was:

> $c`avl_insert+0x47(8043764, 8123cb0, fede39d8, fee02000)`avl_add+0x33(8043764, 8123cb0, 28, 14)`zpool_find_import_impl+0x25a(811d548, 8043c2c, fefa0518, fedca87e)`zpool_search_import+0x9f(811d548, 8043c2c, 1, ffffffff, fef70a80, 0)
zpool_do_import+0x645(1, 8047d00, 8079800, 801, 0, 0)
main+0x165(8047cbc, fef5f888, 8047cf0, 805581b, 2, 8047cfc)
_start+0x83(2, 8047dd8, 8047dde, 0, 8047de5, 8047e03)

The very strange thing was the where argument (3rd) to avl_insert:

> fede39d8::whatis
fede39d8 is`zfs_strdup+0x1c, in /lib/ [fedb0000,fedf2000)

This immediately sounds like some sort of memory corruption. It turns out that it's a bug (or a feature?) in avl_add:

avl_add(avl_tree_t *tree, void *new_node)
        avl_index_t where;

         * This is unfortunate.  We want to call panic() here, even for
         * non-DEBUG kernels.  In userland, however, we can't depend on anything
         * in libc or else the rtld build process gets confused.  So, all we can
         * do in userland is resort to a normal ASSERT().
        if (avl_find(tree, new_node, &where) != NULL)
#ifdef _KERNEL
                panic("avl_find() succeeded inside avl_add()");
        avl_insert(tree, new_node, where);

avl_add does an avl_find to obtain a value of where. If it found an item, it panics/asserts. Finally, it proceeds to avl_insert the new item in the position indicated by where. On non-debug builds of, the ASSERT turns into a no op and therefore avl_add ends up calling avl_insert even when the tree already has a node with that key.

Recall that on non-debug builds, avl_find does not fill in where if a node was found. So, on non-debug builds, avl_add ends up calling avl_insert when the node already exists with uninitialized value of where. (This is where our zfs_strdup+0x1c came from.) Disassembly of avl_add confirms this:

> avl_add::dis`avl_add:            pushl  %ebp`avl_add+1:          movl   %esp,%ebp`avl_add+3:          pushl  %edi`avl_add+4:          pushl  %esi`avl_add+5:          pushl  %ebx`avl_add+6:          subl   $0x20,%esp`avl_add+9:          call   +0x0     <`avl_add+0xe>`avl_add+0xe:        popl   %ebx`avl_add+0xf:        addl   $0x10f72,%ebx`avl_add+0x15:       movl   0x8(%ebp),%edi`avl_add+0x18:       movl   0xc(%ebp),%esi`avl_add+0x1b:       leal   -0x1c(%ebp),%eax`avl_add+0x1e:       pushl  %eax`avl_add+0x1f:       pushl  %esi`avl_add+0x20:       pushl  %edi`avl_add+0x21:       call   -0x522   <`avl_find>`avl_add+0x26:       addl   $0xc,%esp`avl_add+0x29:       pushl  -0x1c(%ebp)`avl_add+0x2c:       pushl  %esi`avl_add+0x2d:       pushl  %edi`avl_add+0x2e:       call   -0x53f   <`avl_insert>`avl_add+0x33:       addl   $0x10,%esp`avl_add+0x36:       leal   -0xc(%ebp),%esp`avl_add+0x39:       popl   %ebx`avl_add+0x3a:       popl   %esi`avl_add+0x3b:       popl   %edi`avl_add+0x3c:       leave`avl_add+0x3d:       ret

There are no branches between the call to avl_find at offset 0x21 and the call to avl_insert at 0x2e and therefore avl_insert will be always called regardless of avl_find's return value.

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commit  faa2b6be2fc102adf9ed584fc1a667b4ddf50d78
Author: Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <>
Date:   2015-08-06T04:57:58.000Z

    6091 avl_add doesn't assert on non-debug builds
    Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <>
    Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <>
    Reviewed by: Steve Dougherty <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


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