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Choose MBR installation

Added by Olivier Pinard over 13 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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After i install your os, I just have 2 OS on the bootloader (W7 and OI) because it is grub1... When i install all of my other os, i don't install mbr and just update grub2 after the installation, but now, i have to use my Ubuntu 10.10 dvd and use the command grub-install on my sda...

I we can choose what mbr we want like chameleon or grub2, grub1 or nothing and on the selected partition like the mbr SDA0 or the installed OS SDA9 (ex).


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Updated by Gordon Ross over 13 years ago

I'd like this too. Some people put a special boot manager in the MBR and/or another partition, which will basically "chainload" to the second stage loaders in each partion. If we overwrite the MBR we make it hard to get to the other operating systems that might have been selectable via the original MBR.

For comparison, Ubuntu lets you choose whether to install grub in the MBR, or as the second stage loader, or not at all.

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Updated by Olivier Pinard over 13 years ago

Grub-Legacy don't have the great feature than the Grub2 version, it found all of my OS without effort. Grub2 are more perfect than the first. I wish one day to find a beautiful mbr like chameleon but not for guid partition.

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Updated by Matt Wilby over 13 years ago

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Updated by Olivier Pinard over 13 years ago

Thx ! _

I will like to help you on the future. Now i will begin (i think the word was programming, coding ?) next fall. Now, I can just help you for traduction for english to french and in some month to spanish and after dutsh (?) and more later Japanese. (That is some student dream).

Because the illumos kernel are not supported be grub2 by default, I needed to does a chainloader +1 from grub1.

You will need to mods Grub2 source code for reconized the kernel. I will not be easy job I think. I am just able to use a terminal. _

Good Luck ! _

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Updated by Julian Wiesener about 13 years ago

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Updated by Julian Wiesener about 13 years ago

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grub2 will made it into illumos, we'll not modify the installer for 151

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Updated by Gordon Ross about 13 years ago

This issue is a "show stopper" for some people who want to do a "dual boot"
install into a second partition (i.e. after having "shrunk" their Windows install).
Would it not be possible to at least offer some way to just skip installgrub?
(letting the user do that part manually)

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Updated by Gordon Ross about 13 years ago

Further, as I understand this, grub2 (or not) is mostly irrelevant to this issue.
The problem is really just: Update the MBR? or don't update the MBR?

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Updated by Julian Wiesener about 13 years ago

i wouldn't think of it as a showstopper, since you can chainload an other partition with an other bootloader from oi menu.lst, or write the bootloader manually and restore the other bootloader and chainload from this (more practical, since beadm will not change the default then). Of course it would be good to be configurable, the point is, we'll not made it for our 151 release and it would make sense to wait for grub2, we'll need to change the routine then anyway.

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Updated by Marcel Telka 4 months ago

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